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Edward Goljan – Rapid Review Pathology Professor New York




Edward Goljan is the professor of pathology as well as former chair of pathology at Oklahoma State University. Besides of this teaching and medical experience. He is also well known for his development resources for the students of medicine. Those are studying USMLE and COMLEX. Edward Goljan Pathology is basically the field of science. This explains the details about the causes and effects of diseases. This field is especially linked with the branch of medicine, which is dealing with the laboratory examination of samples of human body tissues for diagnostic and forensic purposes. Goljan is currently working for the Falcon Physician review Edward Goljan lecture series. Moreover, it is the author of several review books in the “Rapid Review” series. The reason for Goljan’s fame is that educational material can be downloaded from the internet.

In the article below, you can read everything about Goljan. Who did he start? What did he study? And how did he make his achievements? And what is currently doing for the students of medicine?

The personal life of Edward Goljan:

A boy named Edward Goljan was born in Prospect Park on January 29, 1943. He lived on Long Island till the age of 18 years. The recreational interest of Goljan is in arm wrestling. His ancestries are the Polish and Armenia. So is the mix of his heritage. Moreover, in one of his lectures, he also states that he is Christian.

 The educational history of Edward Goljan professor:

Edward Goljan Professor has done his B.S. from the St. Bonaventure University in 1964. Whereas he did M. D. from the Temple University School of medicine. After this, he started an internship at Reading Hospital in Reading from 1968-1969. He has done his residency in pathology as San Diego Naval Hospital during the duration of 1971 and 1973. He continued the training in pathology at the Reading Hospital. Resultant he earned certification in both Anatomical Pathology and Clinical Pathology. Thus, he has achieved many more achievements also. Therefore, he is well known in the medical and for the education of medical students. He has also worked on making productive audio lectures for the students. Goljan’s achievements and rewards have given him the title Dr. Goljan.

What is Rapid Review Pathology?

In the United States, there are three stepped examinations. That a person has to pass for medical licensure; this procedural test is called the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). For the preparation of this test, Rapid Review Pathology is quite helpful. The 5th edition of these series is acclaimed by Dr. Edward Goljan. This edition has all the essential pathology information listed that is taught throughout medical School. This is very useful for the students, in the sense that contains all updated outline-format review of the vital concepts. Moreover, there are hundreds of full-color images and margin notes. The preference for the medical students for this book is high because it is available online. They do not have to visit door to door different shops to search and purchase this series.

Comprehensive Audio lecture Series by Dr. Goljan:

The audio lectures of pathology by Dr. Goljan is a comprehensive series. A long time ago, Edward Professor Goljan used to teach both the parts of the board, Step 1 and step 2. Anyhow, with some efforts, these lectures were recorded. These recorded lectures are distributed among medical students all over the world. All these audio lectures are present on the internet but on a paid basis. You can find several links on many different sides. However, you will not be able to open and access them. These audio lectures are so helpful because they are based on the book of Rapid View Pathology. The students who are not interested in reading bundles of books. Now, they can listen to these audio lectures to have the overall view of pathology. And get fully prepared for the medical test.

How many lectures are there in Goljan audio lectures?

According to some students, it takes five days to listen to all these lectures. And people pay that each day’s lecture is for the duration of 8 hours. So, summing up, all there are 37 lectures. However, you can consider them as 40 lectures as each lecture is of 8 hours. You can hear this lecture in the original voice of Edward Professor Goljan.  And they are recorded when he was teaching the rapid view pathology. And the lectures are based on the parts of the boards that are Step 1 and Step 2.

So, the good students can take full benefit of these lectures. And also make pen down notes of these lectures. Furthermore, there is no chance of getting wrong with the concept as they are recorded by the experienced and well-known name of medical Dr. Goljan.

Edward Goljan is the name of the medicine which is going to last in history. His achievements and awards are yet adorable by the students. Students of the field and professional of that specific can actually realize the knowledge and intellectual abilities. Thus, the work he had contributed to the field is serving the students. And will prove to be beneficial for the coming generation also see for the biggest hospital in the US.

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