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Emirates Airline Luxurious Travel feature, Business & First-class Services




The present article relates to the aviation field, became a mode of attraction for the tourists and to those individuals who are fond of lavish traveling. Today’s conversation just gives you an overview of Emirates airline luxurious travel features, now this would be up to you, which seating suits you the best and which one would be affordable for you?

  ‘Fly Emirates, Flay better’

As you all know many airlines were launched by different countries but among companies, ‘Emirates Airline’ is ranked at top of the list for provision its best services. According to one of the Surveys, most passengers love to travel through Emirates airlines. Even I go for the same one. So, let’s keep starting to analyze the Luxury seat variation of ‘Emirates’ among first and business class.

Description About Emirates Airline:

This airline company is launched by UAE and recognized for offering luxurious traveling throughout the world. The aircraft portrayed having a symbol of the UAE’s flag on its tail. The start provided their services in March 1985. The company is expanding its services and aircraft very rapidly. They soon plan to travel on the routes some more destinations.

On average the airline is operating with 3600 flights within the week. Through flying 300 planes on their destinated route they covered more than one0fifty cities among eighty nations within the range of six continents. It is viewed as the 4th enormous carrier company throughout the world.

This airline is having four types of class for seating purposes, including first-class, business class, premium economy class, and economy class but as we are talking about luxurious seats so business and first class are having these aspects.

Emirates Airline luxurious features and lavish services:

The airline has two kinds of seating for passengers within the cabin. Both the seating is lying on the upper deck in every aircraft of Emirates. It was launched in the year 2017 by the Boeing 777.

  • The first one is having a design of a completely bounded suite along with a ceiling leading towards to floor door. These seats have existed in new-Boeing.
  • The second is considered to be the private suite option in which doors can close but don’t reach up to the roof. These seats have existed in 3-class Airbus.

For promoting privacy both the seating allows you to close your doors. Further, to give you more comfort zone they provided you with a mini-bar, a coat rack, and unique storage to keep placing your belongings. For your entertainment sake, they placed a 32-inch-wide-LCD in the completely bounded suite and for a private suite, they placed a 23-inch-wide LCD screen. Alongside these screens, there are two minibars for placing something on it. For having communication with the cabin crew or asking for any service they placed a 131-inch-tablet with a front camera. Further in keeping view of your comfort level Emirates Airline luxurious travel features your seating suit in such a way that you can transform your seat into a two-meter flatbed. The luxury suite seating facilitates you having a spa with a shower and access to the bar and lounge area.

Emirates Airbus A380 having luxurious services for first and business class seating:

  • The present aircraft is comprised of 113 carriers including crew members and viewed as the world’s largest carrier airbus.
  • This is having the facility of first-class and business-class seating in it. The aircraft is designed in a manner that the upper decker contains business and first-class seating and the lower-case decker is comprised of economy-class passenger seating. The first-class seats are designed to have 14 suite case.
  • To connect lower with the upper deck they placed a stair-case in between. Not only this, the management develops the advanced spiral stairs at the back of the aircraft as well.
  • The aircraft is having two restrooms with the facilities of an onboard spa and shower for the passengers of business and first-class.
  • For both classes, they made a beautiful and comfortable lounge and bars, where they can enjoy their luxurious traveling.
  • The bars facilitate you with the yummiest menu having various main courses, branded alcohols, and cocktails.
  • The lounge is displayed with an enormous screen of television, presenting live shows on sports. Every means to happen is for giving the luxurious effect to their passengers. To depict this fact genuinely, they offered you a tray of snacks having dates along with Arabic coffee and a glimpse of gold, new orchids at the start of a flight.
  • The aircraft featuring another opportunity for the first-class passengers to keep allowing them to have dinner at any time or according to their choice. They offer you a salad bar, 5 main courses with 5 desserts, extra cheese, and fresh fruits.
  • While resting, you can change your seat into a flat-bed, using accessories like a down-comforter, synthetic blanket, cushion, pajamas, slippers, and eye-mask. The cabin suite is having these accessories within its amenity kit.
  • In the business-class suite, you have much space for putting your legs straight and you can feel more relax and comfortable during long flights.
  • Charging sockets are easily accessible in both luxurious suites. The cabin is also having a self-serve bar section so you can enjoy your drinks throughout the whole flight.

Currently, the top-ranked airline is operating with 255 passenger aircraft and 11 cargo aircraft. The airline introduced Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 to the world and made them the biggest aircraft in the world. Both the aircraft deal with luxurious seating in the business and first-class cabin. In general. Emirates Airline luxurious travel features astonished everyone all around the world. In the future, the Dubai-based company plans to broaden its projects and will add more aircraft with the provision of the best services.

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