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Essential Equipment In Airstream Vans




The equipment in airstream vans is a complex issue since the possibilities are every day more varied. We chose a campervan to have certain comforts covered on our trips. But which ones? Do we just want to sleep in it? Would we also like to cook? And the bathroom and shower? Next, we propose to clarify the equipment in airstream vans that are essential for it to fulfil its mission: that it serves both to sleep and to travel … and something else. In order to answer the question correctly, we must answer the following questions:

How many days are we going to travel?

Surely the first question we should ask ourselves is this. The comfort that we are willing to sacrifice depends directly on it. There is no doubt that we can do without cooking the stew that we like for a few days, but not having a good shower after finishing a long excursion. Therefore, as a general rule, the more days of travel, the greater the camper’s equipment should be. In the same way, if we are going to travel for several days it is more likely that we will carry out several activities, so you will have to provide us with the necessary support to carry them out.

Are we going to stop at campsites?

This question also changes everything. If we want to stop at campsites we can be more flexible in terms of equipment. The campsites have in most cases equipped facilities that will make the trip more comfortable: toilets, showers, picnic areas, cooking areas and even a swimming pool and much more. On the contrary, our trip will have to be more planned, since we will have to anticipate availability and overnight locations.


If you choose to go to campsites, it is highly recommended that the camper has an awning and outdoor furniture. In this way, you can spend the day enjoying the outdoors. Most campsites offer electricity for the price of the night, so it is convenient to leave the power cable connected to take the well-charged batteries with us when we light candles

Do we eat out there or do we take the food with us?

If you are one of those who like to go out for breakfast and eat in restaurants, perhaps you can do without cooking in the campervan. But if you like to have your coffee for breakfast in the morning or cook your food (and at the same time save a few euros), you will need a refrigerator and a kitchen where you can cook at ease. If you are somewhere in the middle, better safe than sorry.

In general, one of the greatest incentives to travel by camper is to get to places that you would not consider otherwise; enjoy outdoor activities and contemplate natural surroundings. It is always a pleasure to be able to eat in these settings with the basic amenities covered. It goes without saying that the previous scene improves to unsuspected levels if we add a beer fresh from the fridge.

Are we going to travel to remote areas with few services?

Another important question to define correct equipment in airstream vans is this. It may be that our intention is to make excursions through natural parks, reaching places where there are few services (and a lot of tranquillity). In this case, the camper has to offer us everything that is not in the vicinity: We will have to refrigerate the food, provide us with a shower (preferably hot, in case of being in cold areas), toilet, heating and enough space not to go crazy in case of having to be inside for many hours (because it rains or the day is not good). If we do not know very well what the itinerary will be, it will be better to have a well-equipped and electrically independent camper (solar panels).

Is the toilet equipment necessary in airstream vans?

This is always a topic worthy of debate among campers and van drivers. There are all kinds of opinions, although most of the time we find people who prefer not to use the chemical toilet inside the camper, or to use it only in cases of need. Many times it is preferred to take advantage of stops at gas stations or restaurants to go to the bathroom. However, it can always get you out of trouble.

As a general rule, large-volume airstream vans are equipped with a fixed chemical toilet. Small or medium campers do not have enough space for fixed installation or logically, it is preferred to use the space for other types of equipment. What we can find in this type of van is the famous potty or portable chemical toilet. For purposes, it is the same as the fixed chemical toilet.

In any case, whether it is the fixed or portable chemical toilet, do not forget to bring the corresponding liquids (both decomposition blue and pink to create a good aroma; it will be appreciated when the time comes). 

Fixed or portable gas cooker?

Although our campers are equipped with a fixed two-burner stove, we also include a briefcase with a portable gas stove. Regarding portable gas cookers, it is worth saying that, according to our experience, they will be used rarely, mainly because they are designed to be placed on the outside table and cook outdoors while enjoying the company of more people. Normally if you are not in a camping or picnic area where its use is allowed, you will not get the most out of it.

Other essential equipment (or accessories) in a camper van

And we go from the equipment in airstream vans to the accessories for your camper that you cannot miss on your trips. Some of them can be integrated into the vehicle or bought separately, but all of them can make your life easier at certain times of the trip.

What accessories should you bring in your camper?

There are accessories that we must consider when making a camper trip. As we have commented previously, they can solve moments of the trip making our life easier and therefore the trip more pleasant. They can be both accessories for the camper itself and accessories for outdoor camper life.


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