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Everything You Need To Know About Spotify Features




Looking for a unique new playlist? Tired of scrolling down with no good music to be found anywhere? Spotify features help you manage your entire playlist. The top ranks music application for the new artists to share their music tracks and get to know about other artists. It’s been more than 10 years since Spotify was launched. Its friendly user interface and upgraded versions that have given yet another great feature to experience have made its way to the top-ranked music applications. Like always you can either go premier or be a free user. Here is everything you need to know!

What’s New in Spotify Features for Users

This year Spotify has some interesting things for its users. one of them is listening together, where you get notified when another person Is listening to the same track as yours, no matter how far you both are, this feature will pop up to give you the information. How cool is it to know someone far away having the same music taste and mood as yours?

Group squads are always fun and Spotify has found another interesting way of dealing with pandemic crises. The Fun Sportify features, the premium users where they join in a group of users and start a queue which lasts for more than an hour. They use a code that is generated among the group, after that they can skip or play or add a playlist of their choices and listen together. This can be ad a limited distance as well.

Spotify has been a major support in the pandemic. It got the feature where you can donate to artists and charities. They started this campaign as Covid-19 Relief and the users could also partner with Spotify’s initiative.

It has also partnered with few telecommunication companies and has started giving its users free of three months Spotify premium features. Which is a smart initiative of collaborating with other companies?

Features Everyone will go GAGA!

Accidental haphazard are always full of heartbreaks. you get to lose your favorite playlist by mistakenly deleting it.  But Spotify has it all on board for its users. recover your lost playlist by signing in to your account there you will find the recover playlist option and then viola! There are many features that free users can have easy access to.

Want something as exciting as SIRI voice? Spotify lets you use your voice for the search for anything you want. The most convenient way of using music applications.

Get all the latest information about your favorite artists. You come across a song and want to know more about the artists clicking on view album or view artists.

With smart search, you can easily search for any album no matter how old or new it is just using the features of a new search and fill the options.

Spotify Versus Other Apps

What could be a better opponent then apple music? Spotify and Apple Music are both racked at top music applications. Spotify gives you the best playlist of all times where apple gives you Siri’s voice. But Spotify has it more, Spotify is a user-friendly compact app where most of the playlist is scattered in the Apple music store.

Another music app would be SoundCloud that is another way of streaming music. For sometime SoundCloud had an application naming SoundLoader that allowed the users to direct download tracks from SoundCloud to their devices but that soon vanished and is of no hype anymore. Whereas Spotify is concerned it has millions of followers more than SoundCloud and has set the bar high with many new features.

Spotify can be used worldwide where some applications like Pandora are limited in the US.

Privacy Control

Spotify lets you control everything. You can go private and turn off the Spotify suggestions you don’t want to see. Its best for when your kids are around. It will only play songs that you have instructed. Just a few clicks and toggle on the private session.

How to Rank Your Playlist

Many artists have made their way to top platforms using Spotify features. You make your playlist and share it with the world. But how to become a pro in it? Here are a few tips

  • Always come up with a creative name. the eye-catching name gets more attention than the usual one and never go out of the moto. Remember you are in the music application playlist.
  • Have a precise shuffling of your playlist and come up with a long playlist record. A bundle of them would probably impress the users
  • Make another priority count. Add less of your favorites and add the majority for the visitors to like.
  • Collaborate with your friends and create your own friends plays in Spotify.


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