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Eye Capture Technology – A Mobile App to Get More Information




Eye Capture was the very first free to download a mobile app that made it super easy to get more information from your magazine and catalog pages instantly. If you are not familiar with the concept, think of the times when you looked through your favorite magazine and found something that you would have liked to learn more about. Things like a dress, a workout routine, or maybe a local restaurant or a faraway destination. You usually have to look up through your computer or dig through confusing websites on your phone or tablet. Eye Capture would take those pages and make them interactive. It would bring more information about each page with which you are spending time.

How Eye Capture Technology Worked?

If you love reading a cooking magazine, you had to capture its cover for one time. It would let Eye Capture know what you are reading. Now any page you would capture on the magazine from this point, including ads, would give you a collection of items on those pages. Suppose it is a beautiful cup that you took a picture of, you tap the picture, and it would take you directly to that exact cup without ever having to visit the official product website. The user could even buy the product directly here. Additionally, these captures could be shared with your contacts. They also had the option to share the products on social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter, even on text messages as well as email.

Despite being developed back in 2012. The app was fairly advanced in its approach. App had the ability to track down the contents from a magazine page to the social media profiles of the company or product and even to relevant videos.

The app was actually worked really hard upon. Which might be the reason it went out of existence. They worked directly with the publishers and editors of these magazines. The teams had to partner up to get specific information and relevant content, making it all just one click away from your reach.

How to Identify Eye Capture Support

It was easy to identify an Eye Capture supported magazine. The supported magazine had a dedicated logo. The Eye Capture logo was located on the Letter of the Editor page. An Eye Capture logo would indicate that the magazine is Eye Capturized.

The official website was also very strong. The website had a dedicated ‘Try It Here’ section that would let the visitor take a picture of a magazine page posted on the webpage. The user could try all the key functionalities of the app here. There was another page for magazine publishers on the website. Here interested publishers could see the vital information and connect with the developers to partner up.

It was grand in its marketing as it would also mention the latest news related to its partnerships and new features in the News section. App features were discussed in detail with all specifications in the Blog section of the webpage.

The app was very promising in the early years, but after 2013, it ceased out of existence. With all the latest updates, it is likely that developers couldn’t contain the individual data input on every aspect of the magazine page. More importantly, with growing technological advancements and wide internet availability, everything became available for online access anyway. Thus, magazines became much less significant as a first-hand information source.

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