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Face Piercing Trend 2020 in USA




The face piercing trend 2020 in USA has not seen aggressive changes due to an overall halt to the operations this year resulting from lockdowns. But the trends from 2019 have continued to grow this year, as well as they were projected. Major face piercing trends involve the ear and nose piercing, so this article will definitely cover the ear and nose piercing trends of 2020.

Body piercing activity dates back to at least 5,000 years according to the evidence found on oldest mummified remains. It is considered a core part of the tradition by some and an expression of artistic freedom by others. The most interesting of these piercing techniques originate from Africa where people have piercings in their tongues and lips.

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Nose and ears are frequently pierced and likely originate from Israel whereas Romans started piercing nipples. Considering the popularity of body piercing in under-developed sanitizing conditions of old times, it would be surprising if we didn’t follow the custom today with all of our cutting-edge equipment today.


We still have body piercing trends that keep on thriving and even evolving every passing year. In the US, body piercing is a prevalent act of self-expression and style.  People love to define their inner philosophies through modifying their bodies, and piercing is the most common way to do it besides tattoos.

Most Popular Piercings In the USA

Here is a list of the most popular 2020 piercing trends when it comes to ear and nose in the US:

Helix/Cartilage Piercing:

These piercings cover the outer-ridge of the upper ear. They are normally achieved via a stud or a captive ring. Right now, Helix Pairs, such as double helix and triple helix, are trending. Since it involves cutting through the cartilage, it takes a bit longer to heal than other piercings. An average healing time for Helix piercing is six months.

Bite Piercing:

Bite piercing, especially Snake Bite piercing, is getting a lot of attention these days. It is a dual-piercing that penetrates the area surrounding the lips in multiple interesting ways. It can be below or above the lips.

Rook Piercing:

If you are looking for something fresh in the piercing industry, try Rook piercing. It is an emerging style that is gaining a lot of attention. The piercing is done through the anti-helix of the inner ear, right above the tragus. Since this is another cartilage piercing, it will take a long time to recover, so you have to keep that in mind.

Tongue Piercing:

Tongue piercing is considered to be highly sensual and erotic. It is most popular among guys, and sexual gratification is said to be the number one goal for choosing tongue piercing. The bizarre fact about tongue piercing is that it leads you to a liquid diet for the time it takes to heal and also causes lisp. But it heals quickly, so you don’t need to worry too much about it if you can bear a few days.

Best Facial Piercing Images

There are some great looking facial piercings out there today. It all started with hippies and punks as an act of self-expression, but today many people are enjoying the flow of this activity. With that said, here are some of the best facial piercing images for you.

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