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Facts About Conch Republic Key West





The Florida Keys announced their secession from the United States, on 23 April 1982. The new entity – the Conch Republic – was to extend for 210 km across the length of the island chain, from Elliott Key, just southeast of Miami, to Key West, 145 km north of Cuba. Its capital was to be Key West. The 40th anniversary is celebrated in Florida. Today the Conch Republic people stand proudly as a community of “ Sovereign State Of Mind ’’


Each April, our island honors the founding of the Conch Republic nation was established in 1982. When the day of independence there were many events in Conch Republic Key West. The Conch Republic, in response to actions by the U.S. Border Patrol, when the U.S. government put up a Federal Blockade at Florida city, the festival of  Kickoff, the conch republic pledge allegiance of the Conch Republic Key West Flag, art & craft fair, the great drag races, conch shell blowing contest, conch beach cleanup, etc.


In conch, republic food is Smoked Fish Dip, Chicken Tenders, Callaloo Dip, Fried Calamari, Stuffed Mushrooms Martinique, Baked Oysters Callaloo, SOUP & SALADS, Sandwiches, Island Spiced Chicken, St. Kitts Pasta, Seven Layer Chocolate Cake, Hot Pineapple Upside-Down Rum Cake, Sally Key Lime Pie of Key West Is Special Food, Blackened Shrimp, Lobster Bisque, Key West Crab Cakes, Callaloo Dip, Coconut Shrimp, etc.


This is an international passport, in which data is used of linen cover and is completely personalized with your photo and information, fingerprint. conch republic passport is signed by the secretary of state with the official seal of the conch republic. The Diplomat Passport is a high-quality keepsake. Get it stamped around the Conch Republic for over $600 in Diplomatic Discounts at great restaurants, bars, and attractions. It’s a useful guide to your Conch Republic visit.


Many places in the conch republic are the nation of Key West. Hear is a conch tour train. Conch tour train has treated his guest to a close-up view of the Southernmost City’s most popular places. Key West tours are Overseas Railroad Museum, Mallory Square, The Harry S. Truman Little White House, the Key West Aquarium, and more interesting places where you filled your life with full enjoyment, a lot of fun with museum parks, Historical facts that make KEY WEST so unique.   


The conch republic was the perfect environment for us to grow. In the conch republic, people’s residents and neighbors all shared similar independence, all inspired by legendary, life characters and living in a good breath. Conch republic lives long and happy. Embracing the conch republic lifestyle and all people are created equal members of ONE HUMAN FAMILY. Conch republic people made the Conch Republic Live Long T-Shirt on the occasion of the celebration of its anniversary.


A continual welcoming and accepting attitude toward all kinds of people in this tiny conch republic has created a unique culture of different ethnic groups, languages, traditions, religions, foods, and free-thinkers and has resulted in a remarkably distinct cultural character that the community refers to as the ONE HUMAN FAMILY philosophy. The conch republic people are very interested in art. The people very struggled in painting. There are many paintings in the museum.


The Conch Republic is not a real country. Conch Republic is the nation of Florida key from the rest of the UNITED STATE.  Conch Republic citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked at any time for actions not by the beliefs of Conch. Its citizen language is ENGLISH. The founder of the conch republic or prime minister is MAYOR DENNIS WARDLOW. Its Capital is KEY WEST, FLORIDA. Its passport is SOUVENIR.


People made Official Blogs in the conch republic on different places or events blogs like Fantasy Fest, Lion Fish on the attach, Stone Crabs, etc. In Fantasy Fest ten of a thousand visitor’s come and celebrate with different functions, Key West Foods, beverages, Music, and a lot of fun. Lionfish still attacking the Florida Keys Permit needed to catch invasive species in some areas BY ALEX PRESS Citizen Staff Florida Keys’ coral reefs are still under attack by the invasive lionfish. 

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