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 Far Cry 6 – Everything That You Need To Know About the Famous Game




Far Cry 6 is a first-person action-adventure shooter game developed in 2021 by Ubisoft Toronto. It was published by Ubisoft. This game is the successor to Far Cry 5, developed in 2018. In addition, it is the sixth main instalment that takes place in the Far Cry series. Many people are now curious to know about this game. They want to know what the special feature of this game is and how it is different from the previous game series. So, this Far Cry 6 review article will cover everything about this game. 

Where Does Far Cry 6 Take Place?

The Far Cry 6 game takes place on the island of Yara, a fictional Caribbean. The role of players was the inspiration of Dani Rojas, a guerilla fighter. And the voice in the game was by either Sean Rey or Nisa Gunduz. So, the game was an attempt to collapse Castillo and his regime.

The game’s focus was on the exploration and combat in which players of the game fight with the enemy soldiers. In addition, the players in the game fight with dangerous wildlife by using a wide range of gadgets and weapons. This game includes many features found in various other role-playing games, such as side quests and a levelling-up system.

In addition, in the game, you will also find the feature of cooperative multiplayer mode. Also, if we compare a Far Cry 6 map with a Far Cry 5 map, it is clear that the map of Yara is bigger. 


Far Cry 6 Features
DeveloperUbisoft Toronto
ProducerRima Brek
DirectorsAlexandre Letendre

Omar Bouali

DesignerTed Timmins
ProgrammersChristian Carriere

Olivier Rouleau

ArtistMarco Beauchemin

Danny Borges

WriterNavid Khavari
ComposerPedro Bronfman
SeriesFar Cry
EngineDunia Engine

Microsoft Windows

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 4

Xbox One


Xbox Series X/S

GenreAction-adventure, First-person shooter
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
Release Date October 7, 2021

Development Of Game


The development of Chorizo Far Cry 6 started in 2016 and competed in 2020. It shows that the development of this game was an extensive task, and it took four years to complete. The lead studio for the development of this game was Ubisoft Toronto. 

To develop this game, the team has to study various revolutions of the current history to develop the game’s narratives. Therefore, they studied primarily the revolution of Cuba from 1953 to 1959. In addition, the game’s design looks political, covering themes such as the increase of fascism in the nation, the necessity of fair and free elections, and the cost of imperialism. These themes were covered in response to the controversy generated by the previous Far Cry 5 games. 

Navid Khavari, the Narrative director, said that after searching the past revolutions, they generated how to play the character to fight against the repressive government. In addition, after researching, they get the idea to cast Dani Rojas as an overt voice artist. It was the contrast of the previous games in which the main characters were silent, and there was no voice. 

Moreover, after selecting Cuba, they return towards establishing a tropical setting that was also a feature of the previous far cry games. 

The Far Cry Six Cast


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Do you want to know about the Far Cry 6 characters? Here we are giving the name of those talented people behind this revolutionary game. 

  • Dani Rojas (Male) – Sean Rey
  • Dani Rojas (Female) – Nisa Gunduz
  • Juan Cortez – Alex Fernandez
  • Clara Garcia – Jess Salgueiro
  • Carlos Montero – Conrad Pla
  • Camila ‘Espada’ Montero – Shakira Berrera
  • Talia Benevidez – Mercedes Morris
  • Philly Barzaga – Manuel Rodriguez Saenz.
  • Yelena Morales – Sara Garcia
  • Paolo De La Vega – Xavier Lopez
  • Jorge ‘El Tigre’ Aguilar – Conrad Coates
  • Teresa “Lucky Mama’ Moreno – Liza Huget
  • Rosa Mel Paquete – Selena Vyle

In addition to all these Far Cry 6 leaders, there are also several animals used in the game, and the Far Cry 6 dog is the most famous of all animals. This dog is a sausage dog and is perhaps the unique Amigo in Far Cry 6. 

The Far Cry 6 Weapons

far-cry-6-waponsThe weapons used in Far Cry 6 are of eight types. These types are shotguns, rifles, SMGs, sniper rifles, LMGs, resolver weapons, launchers, and bows. These all types of weapons contain unique weapons that are really trickier to hold and use. The rifles used in Far Cry 6 are FAL, AK-47, 45/70-T, MS16 S, AS VAL, AK-M, BP-RUC, M16 A1, AR-C, BP-2, SSGP-58, MS16 L, SKS. The other unique rifles that you can see in the game are Fuck Anton, Camo Quinceanera, Sharkbite, HI-FI, Viva Libertad, Noblesse Oblige, Vaya Con Dios, Death Rites, One Ping Only, Surf & Turf, Urushi, and Zona-51.

Submachine And Unique Submachine Guns

Machine guns that you can see in Far Cry 6 are BZ19, BP-SMG, MP40, MP34, MP5K, PPSH-41, and MP7. The submachine guns used in the adventure game are SMG-ISSIMO, Smokebox Silvia, Streamline Moderne, Iron Curtain, DIY Death, Turn of the Century, and The Heroic End.

Resolver Weapons 

  • El Susurro
  • Tostador
  • Zeusito
  • El Muro
  • El Pequeño
  • La Sorpresa
  • La Varita
  • La Clavadora
  • Pyrotechno
  • El Besito

Bows and Launchers

  • Compound Bow
  • Recurve Bow
  • Bullseye
  • El Capirote
  • RPG-7
  • MGL-6
  • M-79
  • RAT4
  • La Guaracha
  • La Petite Mort
  • El Caballero

Plot Of The Game

The plot of the game is that in 2014, a character Anton Castillo, the son of Gabriel Castillo (a former deposed president), was nominated president of Yara. After becoming president, he promises the stability and the creation of “Vivaro.” It was a new treatment drug for cancer that was developed from the tobacco of Yara. Then after seven years of his presidency, he announces a draft with the name “lottery.” The draft was to enslave workers so that they work in the fields of tobacco. From the workers, few tried to escape and start a new life in the United States, and the plot continued when they tried to fight against the rule. 

What Comes With Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition?

The Far Cry 6 ultimate edition leverages Smart Delivery. It also allows access to both the Xbox Series X|S title and the Xbox One title. In addition, it is easy to get the complete game experience with the Ultimate Pack and the 3 new DLC episodes.

Story Expansions

The story has three DLC expansions and features the return of past Far Cry series antagonists as the few playable characters came back in Far Cry 6. Among them are Michael Mando (Vaas Montenegro) from Far Cry 3, Troy Baker (Pagan Min) from Far Cry 4, and Greg Bryk (Joseph Seed ) from Far Cry New Dawn and Far Cry 5.

Insanity (Vaas Montenegro)

The insanity starts at the climax of Vaas Montenegro’s final confrontation with Jason Brody, in which the first one is stabbed to death. After a hallucination, the Vaas wake up, and his sisters’ voice guides him. Her sister tells him to rebuild her Silver Dragon Blade. She also mentions that it is the only way she can escape from his mind, and there is no other way. 

In the insanity phase, the Vass also travels through his thoughts, remembering memories of his past life when he was gathering the blade pieces. When he succeeds in rebuilding the blade and providing it to Citra (his sister), she breaks the blade again. In addition, she sends enemies after him to fight for her and rebuild the blade. 

After understanding Citra’s negative influence on his life, he finally takes action and rejects her sister’s command, and leaves the hallucination. Then an older Vass is shown who was sitting on a beach on a deserted island.

Control (Pagan Min)

The element of control started in a sequence of a dream. In the dream, Pagan is enjoying lunch with her love and children. A spirit of Pagan, in the form of “the Tyrant,” appears who kills a child, then shoots Pagan. Then he woke us and followed the voice of the child. The voice guides him to go back to Ghale’s family, and the story continues in the game. 

Collapse (Joseph Seed)

The collapse also takes place in a sequence of a dream. The story follows the same sequence of hallucinations and torment by a mysterious voice. In the collapse, the family of Joseph was also tormented to leave him back in the state of collapse. 


Actually, the game was scheduled to release in Feb 2021. The releasing stations were PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Amazon Luna, Stadia. But due to the increasing concerns of Covid 19, the release of the game was delayed. Then the later decided date for the game’s release was September 2021. However, the final date when the game Far Cry 6 was released was October 7, 2021.

Awards and Accolades


Year AwardCategory ResultStatus
2021The Game Awards 2021Best PerformanceGiancarlo Esposito as Anton CastilloNominated
Innovation in AccessibilityNominated
Best Action GameNominated
202220th Visual Effects Society AwardsOutstanding Animated Character in a CommercialElin Laven, Gustav Ahren, Anton Stattin, Simon Decombel (for “Chicharron”)Pending
Outstanding Visual Effects in a CommercialNiklas Strom, Kajsa Kurten, Nicklas Andersson, Adrian Tsang (for “Chicharron Run”)Pending
33rd GLAAD Media AwardsOutstanding Video GamePending


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