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“Find my iPhone”: What Would You Do If You Lost Your iPhone?




Today Apple Card is our most favorite helping hand that makes everything easy from paying bills to online shopping. As these Apple services completely rely on your iPhone, and you get to notice your iPhone is missing from your pocket or bag. Either you have lost it somewhere or someone has stolen it both the situation require immediate action. This immediate action is not only the demand for the reason that you are not only cut off from the world. But the aspect that bothers everyone most is the tones of information and details fed in everyone’s mobile. If you don’t know when lost your iPhone what to do now? It might get in some wrong hands in the meanwhile my had misused your credentials and information. If you an iPhone user and you are thinking that you might have heard that the iPhone passcode is not easy to break open. Then never forget that advancing technology has made every impossible thing possible. The very next what to do option clicks about the “Find my iPhone”, that you have switched the toggle on. However, many of the people despite having turned on the toggle, many of you don’t know how to find your iPhone with the “Find my iPhone” feature.

As it well said that “Cure is better than care” if you have ever lost your iPhone before and didn’t get it back yet. Then is time to save your next iPhone from any accidental mishaps. Reading the article below will make you able to immediate action and save it. So, whatever is the situation, lost your iPhone what to do tips below will protect your information if it gets into the wrong hands or not.

Set passcode on iPhone – Before you lost your iPhone:

Several people consider setting up face ID and Touch ID useless steps while using an iPhone. They are definitely wrong with their concept. As well all have a unique identification, face and touch ID can be replicated after uncountable attempts. So, the best way to secure your bank details, private conservation, active home and office location, contacts, emails, personal photos, etc. is to set a Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone. Consequently, you can take a breath or two of relief as soon as you realize lost your iPhone what to do; your iPhone is secured with some unique password. However, it might make the thief struggle for some hours to get it unlocked.

How to set a passcode on your iPhone before you lost your iPhone?

Here are the basic steps to follow for setting up Face ID or Touch ID:

  • Open the setting application in your mobile iPhone.
  • Click on the Face ID (or Touch ID) & passcode option.
  • Following the prompts takes you to scan your finger or face ID.
  • Besides your biometric identity, you will be asked to enter an alphanumeric passcode too.
  • Moreover, it’s suggested to frequently change the iPhone passcode increases the security of your iPhone.

Make sure to enable Find my iPhone all the time:

You’ll not be notified a few minutes before you lost your iPhone. You may be lost your iPhone due to your carelessness or bad luck getting stolen. So, the very next step to undertake soon after setting up the passcode is double-checking that Find my iPhone login is synced.

How to enable Find my iPhone iCloud?

Just to the setting application of your iPhone and then tap your name at the top of the screen. From the new screen opened select the iCloud. You’ll get to see many options, you have to scroll down and select Find My iPhone. You will have to tap two option to turn them on:

  • Find My iPhone
  • Send Last Location.

How to use Find my iPhone when lost your iPhone?

Different versions of Apple will have different names for the Find my iPhone services such as Find My, Find iPhone, etc. These services of Find My iPhone are available on iPads, Apple Watch, and Mac. Thus, all the Apply devices can be tracked in case of mishaps.

If you insured your iPhone has enabled Find My iPhone app, then you can easily track the location of your iPhone. To use the services of Find My iPhone, you have to borrow an iOS device from anyone else. To track your mobile phone, you can also use Find My iPhone on the computer and Find My iPhone on Mac to log in to your iCloud account. Visiting will let you log in to your account. There will be the location of all the linked iPhones been displayed. Along with the location of the lost iPhone, you will see a number of options such as Directions, Play Sound, Mark as lost, and Erase this device. If you see the Find My iPhone’s last location in your home or your office, then just play a sound so that you can find your iPhone under the bed or in the car. However, it’s not advised to play sound in condition if your iPhone is stolen, as it can put you in danger.

Mark as Lost or Find my iPhone lost mode:

If you think that you have lost your iPhone on a bus, and even observes the location of the iPhone changing frequently. In such cases, you can mark as lost my iPhone. Or even choose this option if you get to notice any unknown location or not even showing the location. When you mark as lost your iPhone, it asks you to provide contact information. So, the person who finds it in rare cases can contact to return it with great honesty and loyalty. You can also type a message for the person to read and take action such as ‘Please contact me on********, and take your reward $#’.

Find My iPhone not working, yet works:

If you are not lucky and your Find My iPhone not working is yet helpful. You can turn on the option to Notify When Found along with Erase This Device. However, you’re oppressed to select Erase my iPhone, when you lose all the possible options to find your iPhone.

How to find a lost iPhone that is turned off or Find My iPhone offline?

The quick and fast services of updated iOS 13, works even your lost iPhone has turned off or Find My iPhone offline. This updated version of Find My can track lost iPhones with the Bluetooth signals produced by it. So, even if your Apple devices are not connected to any internet network its location can be yet tracked. For this kind of tracking make sure you have turned on the toggle to Enable Offline Finding. Besides, be sure after turning it on that Send the Last location is also turned on. Find My iPhone Last location is stored for 24 hours as much as the battery runs. When you have turned on Send Last Location to track my iPhone before running out of battery.

How to Find lost a lost iPhone without Find My iPhone?

It’s very rare chances to lost your iPhone and gets it back without Find My iPhone services. First of all, you can just text on your iPhone, so that if a kind person finds it out can contact you in any way. Then very next change the password of your Apple ID. Then to protect your credentials and information just hurry up to change all the passwords of social media applications. After, let your mobile network providers acknowledge that you have lost your iPhone and get it disabled by the providers. Whereas, if you have Apple Pay set up, then make a call to the company to ask them to suspend your Apple card. Even though Apple Pay is secured with the Touch ID or passcode, it’s better to be on a safer option. The last step of lost your iPhone what to do is report the Police about your stolen iPhone.

Reporting a stolen iPhone;

When you request to Police to note down the report of your stolen iPhone, it requires you to give them the device serial number. Now, you definitely don’t have the device how will you find the serial number of your iPhone. If you have enabled Find My iPhone feature, then you view your serial number on it. Or if you have synced iTunes, then you will see the device serial number in iTunes. Whereas, the easiest way, if you have the device’s original packaging then you can view the serial number on it. Thus, the last option to find your iPhone without any of the above mention facilities is to check the serial number on the receipt of your iPhone. Therefore, there is a lot of lost your iPhone what to do tips in various cases. If you run out of all these available options to find a lost iPhone, you can just sit with your fingers crossed and believe in your destiny if you are a lucky guy.


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