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Five Essential Tips If You Travel By Motorhome




People have continued to opt during this year for the travel alternative that is a motorhome, a travel option that is postulated as one of the most demanded for the summer season of 2021, due to the confidence and independence it offers to its occupants. Starting the search for motorhome dealers in January, they registered an increase of 130% in applications in March compared to the previous year. In addition, after the end of the state of alarm, demand increased by 63% in May, while in June there was a rise of 120%.

The portal that brings together the supply and demand for professional and artisan work, many benefits traveling by motorhome offers, as it allows moving from place to place in a changing context and personalizing the route to the maximum, get away from tourist sites or travel within the country and support the local economy. However, you also need to have a plan before you start your journey. For this reason, they propose five recommendations to follow if you opt for this type of tourism this summer, taking into account the profile of those who rent a motorhome for the first time.

  • Prepare a travel budget: Knowing the expenses that this experience will entail is essential and, for this, the first thing that should be considered will be the rental price of the vehicle, which may vary depending on whether it is a trip of several days or a full week. This price can vary between 150 and 180 usd per day, depending on the size and type of vehicle that is chosen. Likewise, it is advisable to know which are the allowed places to park and their prices, since it can be of great help when choosing the most appropriate route
  • Choose the best route: Different options should be planned depending on whether the trip is as a family, alone, or as a couple, as well as if you want to know natural spaces, travel along the coast or through quiet places. These alternatives will have to be planned, previously locating on the map the areas enabled to park the motorhome, to rest or spend the night.
  • Check the condition of the vehicle: It is important that, before leaving, the condition of the tires and fluids is checked, as well as the position of the mirrors, brakes, or lights, since safety will be the most essential issue to have in mind during this trip.
  • Be careful with speed: Motorhomes must not exceed the established limits of 120 km/hour on motorways and expressways, and 90 km/hour on conventional roads, as long as the vehicle does not exceed 3,500 kg. In addition, it is important to consider the speed limits established in urban environments or cities and review the updated regulations of each of them.
  • Avoid fines: Although motorhomes can stop and park like any other vehicle, it should be noted that taking out items such as tables, chairs, or awnings is considered camping; so it is essential to review the spaces allowed to avoid penalties.

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