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Five mistakes all beginners make when traveling with a airstream motorhome




Traveling with a airstream motorhome and campervan is in fashion. But beginners often make mistakes that can not only cost you extra money but can also compromise security.

Airstream motorhome vacations are all the rage. The advantage of traveling with one of these vehicles or camper vans is the great flexibility they provide when planning a trip, which avoids having to wait for hotel or flight reservations. But even a trip with this requires preparation and if you are a newbie you have to take into account these five mistakes that all beginners make when traveling with a airstream motorhome.

  1. Fill the water tank completely

At first, it may seem like a good idea to fill the water tank 100% before starting a trip, with the intention of being as well equipped as possible. But in practice, however, this turns out to be a mistake that makes the airstream motorhome unnecessarily overweight. Because, depending on the volume of the tank that your model has, a lot of water fits inside, often more than 100 liters. And many forget that this supposes more than 100 kilos of additional weight that the caravan has to move. Regardless of whether the maximum load capacity is not exceeded, the additional weight translates into higher fuel consumption and worse dynamic performance.

For this reason, more experienced campers only fill the tank with the amount of water they need during the trip to their destination. To give you a reference, generally, 10 liters per person per day is enough. The tanks can then be refilled at a gas station or campsite when you arrive at your destination. The same applies, of course, to the return trip. In this sense, it is also very important to empty the gray water tanks.

  1. Incorrect loading of the airstream motorhome

Maximum load capacity and cargo securing are two important issues when traveling with a airstream motorhome. To find out how much weight the vehicle can support, all you need to do is look at the datasheet. To do this, we must subtract the empty weight of our model (which is indicated on the green cardboard as ‘Tare’) from the Maximum Allowable Mass (MMA).

Keep in mind that the content of the tanks (including fuel) is generally not included in these sections and the special equipment that you may have added to your airstream motorhome is not taken into account. And of course, the weight of the passengers is also included in the maximum load capacity.

You must value all this because it is usual that we can carry less luggage in the caravan than we think. So, if you want to avoid a costly fine, we recommend simple solutions, such as traveling with items that save weight, for example, plastic plates instead of crockery. And, of course, everything must be well kept and secured. In general, the heaviest things are in the lower cabinets and the lightest in the upper part. Everything should be kept in boxes or in suitable storage compartments. And make sure that absolutely nothing is loose and can fly off.

  1. Get up while the vehicle is running

It sounds banal, but it is dangerous: beginners in particular often make the mistake of walking around the airstream motorhome while it is traveling. The usual excuse is to get up to stretch your legs or to eat something. However, if an accident occurs or even just hard braking, the consequences can be dire. Apart, of course, that it is absolutely forbidden to get up while driving. And, of course, it is also mandatory to wear seat belts. Also, if you are traveling children, remember to seat them in a suitable child restraint system (CRS)

  1. Underestimating hot and cold

Surely when you plan your first airstream motorhome trip you are thinking of a wonderful and sunny day in the field. But this beautiful picture is not necessarily recommended for a vacation with the airstream motorhome. A very common mistake among airstream motorhome beginners is not taking into account that it gets hot under the scorching sun and then inside it is unbearable.

When parking our caravan or campervan, it is better to choose a shaded plot and pay attention to the hours of the day. If the sun only shines early in the morning, the vehicle may not heat up adequately for the rest of the day. In fact, many underestimate how cold it can be at night, even in summer, depending on where you spend your vacation. If the airstream motorhome does not have stationary heating, you should always carry an extra sleeping bag with you.

  1. Consider that the airstream motorhome is like a car

The first thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of whether it is a camper van, a trailer-type caravan, or a airstream motorhome, we are literally talking about traveling with the house in tow and that, of course, compromises behavior driving and breaking the vehicle.

On the other hand, when planning the route, it must be taken into account that in most cases you will not be able to circulate as fast as with a car. Therefore, you must count and schedule longer travel times. Still, the same tips apply as when traveling by car: take regular breaks and, if necessary, plan a change of driver.

Also, one final significant hint: don’t aimlessly trust the bearings of the pilot, on the grounds that it can put you through roads that are excessively tight for an RV

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