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For Baby Yoga Class or Along with Baby Yoga Class?




As we all know yoga is a group of mental, spiritual and physical activities or disciplines that is designed to relax the human and body. Various styles of yoga is comprised of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation or relaxation. It is basically originated in ancient India. Whereas the term “baby yoga” has two meanings. Either it means taking your baby along in an adult yoga class or a type of yoga that is designed for your babies.

 Parent-focused baby yoga class

In a parent-focused class, bub takes the role of spectator-slash-adorable-prop. The babies lie in front of their parents  on a blanket called “yoga mat” throughout the class which includes upper body stretches and glute strengthening, we will include baby in poses such as ‘push-up kiss baby’, or hold baby while doing squats, lunges or abdominal exercises.” This is how the parents can become a multi-tasker by looking after their babies as well as be  apart of the yoga class and take care of their own mental and physical health. Babies of course will be babies, and during class will roll around, do tummy time, cry, sleep, play, need a diaper change or need to be fed but since it’s time spent observing and not immediately reacting to the baby, it helps new parents understand their baby’s psychology and behavior. It’s also is an opportunity to work out without having to get childcare but, most importantly, it helps new parents make a habit of centering themselves, leaving the house and creating time for themselves in a baby yoga class. Besides, giving babies free time to move and explore allows them to develop their own movement and gives them more bonding time with the parent and transform their all time crying baby into a happy baby.  It is a very healthy and beneficial for both parents and the baby as the parents don’t have to leave their baby at home and hire a nanny. Meanwhile stressing and thinking of the baby during a yoga class which was supposed to make them relaxed in the first place.

Actual baby yoga class

Putting the focus squarely on your tot is the other kind of baby yoga which is the actual baby yoga class. Your little champ deserves to be happy and for that you need to work in that area of raising your baby. For getting your baby into a happy baby yoga class you don’t need to worry about an actual class and atmosphere or having so many babies involved in a yoga class around your baby. Just take your baby along with you to your yoga class and after you are done with your yoga session and start with simple yoga class pattern of a warm-up stretch for both carer and baby, some dry massage, then stretching and actions for different parts of the body. As a matter of fact, babies are naturally flexible, carefully administered positions such as baby tree, baby mountain, mini boat and mini cobra can aid in opening up their bodies and relaxing their reflexes. “Baby Yoga is brilliant for helping babies to stretch, become more flexible, increase their co-ordination and improve muscle tone and balance.

Baby yoga pose

Since finding the best yoga instructor for your baby is a bit tricky and hard but what if you get yourself introduced some baby yoga lessons and learn some happy baby yoga poses, you can start your baby yoga class even at home!

It’s highly advised to consult your doctor and considering your baby’s age before starting a home exercise for your baby yoga class. Here are some basic exercises:

Take baby’s leg up and stretch it to their tummy in order to warm them up and gradually stretch their toes head towards their nose not at once. Keep going smoothly and open up arms away from baby’s chest and give them lots of kisses on their cheeks.

Lay baby over your lap (practice carefully on the floor with no obstructions) so that they are facing towards the floor, then alternate moving one of your thighs up at a time. This will help to improve baby’s balance, as well as neck and back strength.

This is how you can cope up with a mommy and baby yoga sessions at the same time!

For Baby Yoga Class or Along with Baby Yoga Class?
For Baby Yoga Class or Along with Baby Yoga Class?
Term baby yoga has two meanings. Either it means taking your baby along in an adult yoga class or a type of yoga that is designed for babies
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