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Formula 1 Car Price: Want To Know F1 Car Cost 2020?




Buying an Formula 1 car price is not a piece of cake. Yeah, you might want to know how much does F1 car price 2020? F1 cars are specifically designed for racing tracks. Companies spend millions to design their dream car for their drivers to make it as fast as possible on any track.

Like other cars that we use for our commute, their price range has gone high with a period. F1 cars have the same scenarios. Formula 1 car price 2018 was a bit less than price of f1 car in 2019. Eventually, the formula 1 car price costs a lot more in 2020.

But there has been news that the FBI has given special instructions and has limited the formula one car cost. But the FBI has to get involved? The answer is simple the 2020 F1 car price was very high estimated to be more than $20 million which is a lot!! This f1 car price might have bounced more then we have estimated.

Will the other companies get benefit from the limitation of prices? F1 best companies are Ferrari Mercedes, red bull McLaren spends millions on their F1 cars which have set the bars high and companies with the low budget have faced consequences. Formula 1 car top speed is estimated by how powerful the engine is and most of the cost is spend on F1 engines to make them faster for the race.

This could be good news for the rest of F1 car companies as they would now get the opportunity to beat the race competing with the same range of cost equally n all the cars.

What is the cost of each part in F1 cars and how expensive can it get?

2020 F1 car cost is estimated by all the equipment used to build a car. How much do Formula 1 tires cost or How much does a f1 car weigh? Or how is the Formula 1 car engine designed? Everything you need to know from scratch.

Parts of F1 cars that cost a lot

  • Formula one engine
  • Cost of wings
  • Steering wheel cost
  • The gearbox of Formula 1 cars
  • Formula 1 Tyres cost

From all the above list F1 engine is built on top cost. In testing of Italian Grand Prix in 2005 f1 car fastest speed was 372.6 km/h. The speed was set by McLaren-Mercedes F1 again the top company of F1 cars.

How Much Does F1 Engine Cost?

Ferrari, Mercedes Malaren spend most of the cost on their formula 1 engine cost as it is the essential part of the car which drags it to the highest speed in estimated that almost 10 million are spent on this single equipment of f1 cars. Companies usually require japan technology as it is the best to produce an engine with the highest velocity.
The engine is built on the demands of the managers how expensive they want to build it.

Aerodynamics of Wings:

Aerodynamics are keenly kept in mind while designing the wings. Because these wings help in balancing the car while taking fast turns during the competition. The cost of front and rear wings varies between 15o,000$ to 300,000$. These wings are an important part of sports car f1 as they represent most of the look of racing cars.

Steering Cost:

The steering is more like an Xbox controller with a lot of modifications. The grip is almost like the controller. But more advanced than that as it is fitted and moves the car around.
This can cost from 60,000$ to 100,000$. So, how much do formula 1 cars steering cost is pretty high as this can save the driver from many accidents and the control can help a lot.

Formula 1 Tires Cost

The formula 1 tires cost is estimated to be $270,000 for F1 tires. While each team is given 13 sets of tires in racing competition. So, the amount of spend on sets is huge. While the crew continuously keeps changing the tires after competition of laps. Drivers are very precise about their car tires because anything can happen and cause an accident. To avoid such a mishap huge amount is spent.

How Much Does a F1 Driver Make?

Apart from the expensive car, how much will f1 drivers make while driving these expensive beasts. So far Mercedes is playing the highest amount to the driver, Hamilton which is approximately 57million. Hamilton scored highest won the race in Italy during the world league championship. Making him more expensive formula 1 race car cost than ever f1 drivers.

How Much Does a F1 car price in 2020?

After looking at the summary of parts expenditure lets finally calculate the F1 car price. This is an estimation f1 car value as we never know it can also exceed.

Engine cost: $10,000,000

Wings, front and back: $ 150,000- 300,000

Steering: $60,000- 100,000

Tyres: $270,000

How Much Does an f1 car price Approximately

Total cost: 10,88000 million

The estimated is ten million eight hundred eighty thousand but there is still some missing equipment like the cost of an f1 car with the fuel tank and its assembling, the gearbox also accident damages cannot be ignored which can cause double than the expenditures.

How much does it cost to build a f1 car?

Car ComponentApproximate Cost USD
Power unit/Engine11,000,000
Front Wing with Nose Cone300,000
Rear Wing and DRS Overtaking Aid150,000
Fuel tank150,000
Steering Wheel70,000
Hydraulic System200,000
Braking system30,000
Driver’s seat and suspension48,000
Total Material Cost14,000,000

Formula 1 Car Price: Want To Know F1 Car Cost 2020?
Formula 1 Car Price: Want To Know F1 Car Cost 2020?
F1 car cost 2020 very high estimated to be more than $20 million which is a lot. F1 car price might have bounced more then estimated.
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