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Formula 1 Italy 2020 Overview




  • Mercedes marked the victory. Hamilton winning the champions league
  • this might be losing to some teams but a victory for the history of the sport
  • the league started with 21 formula 1 team and now 12 teams are leading ahead to compete
  • who is expected to be the next world drivers champion?
  • The next stop will be at Russia
  • The race didn’t stop for once but more the once the race got delayed
  • Formula 1 Italy 2020 Overview

Formula 1 marks its 7oth anniversary of season 1 in 2020. It has been a remarkable year for Mercedes as Hamilton qualifies to the top position. Hamilton has been known for his six times champion world driver record. But can he snatch the title for the 7th time in 2020? Alexander ALBON red bull river marks the runner up position with 15 pts.

HAAS Ferrari had neck to neck knock out in Italy champions leagues f1, Romain Grosjean completing 59 laps with zero pts.

Lance Stroll becoming the first one to exit the league and Pierre Gasly, Max Verstappen becomes the driving with no completing laps. well, there is always a losing end to every game.

Who is in the race and who is out of the race is pretty clear now? But what series of actions took place in Italy during the 2020 league.

Who got the penalty? And who was secured with the fastest completing lap? Hamilton becoming the top is no doubt performed with all his guts with its partner Valtteri Bottas.  He scored the fastest lap and gained a point for being quick as a cat driving a Mercedes (jk)

The changing rule of f1, giving an extra on the fattest completing lap, changed the Hamilton career in one of the previous years? Would it be the same, history will repeat once again in favor of Hamilton to score an extra and become the champion 2020?

Kimi Raikkonen faced a penalty for crossing the pit lane which also made him furious the reaction came out as for what?! He has been on the same penalty years before this time causing him a little more as he as knocked out of the Tuscan f1 champion league 2020.

What were the odds? Who was hit by whom? Who got injured?

Hamilton got beaten by Valtteri Bottas at the start line, he tried to avoid Hamilton controlling the situation were led to a mishap, and got accused by Grosjean.

The race took an unexpected turn when Grosjean accused Bottas that he was trying to kill me after the car restarts safety. Due to this, lap 9 was stopped.

Behind was Nicholas dramatically who pull over by applying brakes strongly as they were too restless n their accelerator. Which led the disaster to heat up.

Some of the drivers go hit at the back slamming into the other cars.

The incident took the destruction along with 4 cars. Where Hass driver also got into the accident and ended up smashing the cars going straight on the pit side.

This was kind of worse sight to watch he players also got frustrated by got hit so destructively.

How did Hamilton continue his pace?

With more than delays and drivers smashing into each other while some of the divers also got in between two cars just like a sandwich. Pierre Gasly was sighted as a sandwich between the Kimi Raikkonen-Grosjean sandwich.

Almost 7 drivers retired after the incident, Esteban Ocon becoming the last one to get retire from the race.

The second round went in favor of Hamilton making no mistake after the first red flag incidents.

Apart from incidents of motors smashing into each other, another factor seems to let the drivers lose their lace was their machinery. No doubt this could be the nightmare for any driver on the road, and we are here talking about the drivers’ champion league that is the most important thing for a driver’s career. Charles Leclerc faces the fell back due to its not so good machinery. Which was a tragedy to watch?

Why did the race stop for the second time?

The race stopped at 43 laps due to the control lost by lance and banged his car to the tire wall. The accident that caused damage to the stroll was due to the puncture of his tires.

What is the expectation? Who can win the champion leagues formula 1 2020?

The fastest lap was not only scored by Hamilton but Bottas and Alexander Albon also scored in the fastest completing lap period.

The drivers giving their best so far are expectedly at higher expectations of winning. But we never know what turns can take place.

The second city in Russia and the last to finish the league would be held in Abu Dhabi. We will keep you updated till the last country to lead the f1 racing.

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