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Free Guy Release Date Is Finally Here




Rejoice Ryan Reynolds fans (me included) and gamers (again, I included) as the Free Guy release date is finally here! In the uncertainty of this year’s Hollywood releases, we got another release date that we should take with a grain of salt. Because let’s be honest, the movie industry has given cinemas a very rough time amidst pandemic. Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe has postponed its entire release schedule, Dune & Batman got pushed ahead as well recently. Many cinemas are still closed as they adapt to the SOP’s devised by world governments. Therefore, either movies will release on digital platforms or be dragged around due to shifting release dates for at least as long as this year remains upon us.

The first trailer for ‘Free Guy’ film was released last year in December. It had a release date of July 3rd, 2020. It was the time when the virus was still emerging in China; meanwhile, other countries were unaffected. It was all looking bright for Hollywood release windows, and the industry was doing just alright. The trailer for ‘Free Guy’ presented a fresh premise starring Ryan Reynolds in a goofy role, acting like he mostly does. The trailer grabbed attention from all media, and hype got the best of us.

Free Guy Synopsis

Before we go further into the story, delays, and hype surrounding this project, here is a Free Guy synopsis you should read in case you are still unfamiliar with the upcoming movie. It is simple; a bank teller realizes mid-heist that he is an NPC in a videogame. For my non-gamer readers, an NPC is a non-playable character that is programmed to perform a certain action in a videogame. The player cannot control any NPC character; however, modern games give you the option to interact with them. From the brief look at the trailer, it seems like the NPC develops a conscience and becomes aware of the narrative of the videogame. After the first trailer, the movie went cold in all the news mediums as Covid-19 started emerging all around the world (a huge understatement).

Cast of Free Guy

According to IMDb, Free Guy cast consists of Ryan Reynolds, Taika Waititi, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, and Lil Rel Howery. Ryan is taking the helm as the sappy NPC called ‘Guy.’ This is also the first grand appearance of Jodie Comer on the big-screen which makes me super-hyped about the movie. If you have watched ‘Killing Eve,’ you would know what I mean; if you haven’t, are you kidding me? It is one of the best and most well-acted tv-shows in the industry right now. Please go check it out!

Other notable cast members include the brilliant Taika Waititi (I’m still not past that emotional ride of Jojo Rabbit), Joe Keery from Stranger Things, and no one can forget that hilarious performance by Mr. Howery from ‘Get Out.’ The cast of ‘Free Guy’ is hilarious even in the promotional material for the movie, as will be discussed below.

The Free Guy Trailer 2 is here

After a very long period of complete and utter silence, the ‘Free Guy’ trailer 2 has arrived with a new release date. Lead actor Ryan Reynolds posted a video on his very popular YouTube channel a day before the second trailer was uploaded. The video was a very creative marketing trope by the team. The main cast of the film was seen in a Zoom meeting discussing the possibility of alternative dates for release. Director Shawn Levy was also present in the meeting, in fact, he was the once explaining alternative release date possibilities and asked each member to come up with a promotional release date announcement. It was a funny banter between the team that teased a new trailer for the next day and hinted at the potential of more delays despite their best efforts.

Trailer 2 is out now and gives us brand new clips from the Free Guy film. It also brings more lore to the world of Free City. The open-world game in the film where most of the story takes place.

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