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Fun That You Never Beat In USA State Wise



The United States of America is one of those places in the world where you may spend your entire life taking tours and yet not experience everything it has to offer. It is the 4th largest country brimming with 3rd largest population in the world. Possibilities are endless, but your time and stamina are limited. Thus, this article will only help you have a more clear idea of your priorities if you want to travel to the USA for a fun tour. Here are our top picks for the entertainment that you never beat in the USA state wise.

10) Texas:

Being the biggest state in the USA, Texas holds many notable places to visit and have fun. If you are a cultural geek, you might not want to miss the chance to quench your thirst and visit Fort Concho Museum, the National Museum of Pacific War, and the historic site of Caddo Mounds. The city of Austin is also situated in Texas, it is known for bringing a more liberal approach to local traditions attracting people from other less conservative states.  Those who love the authentic tradition of cowboys should visit the southern side of the state and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

09) California:

California is one of the USA’s most elite states as it homes so many influential people from politicians to celebrities. The most fun places to visit include Los Angeles, Saint Andreas, and San Diego. Los Angeles is the best for tourism as you get to meet many people and socialize in some of the best places to eat and party in the USA. There is also Southern California University which has a great reputation. If you like to visit zoos, San Diego Zoo is worth all the money. Then, of course, the famous Hollywood sign is also located in the state of California. Lastly, the dream of all tech enthusiasts, Silicon Valley is also found in California.

08) Florida:

This was going to be on the list and you knew it! Florida is located in the South-West with many beaches and incredible nightlife and artistic expressions such as in the state of Miami. This state also holds the world-famous Walt Disney World Theme Park created by Walt Disney in Orlando, 1971. If you have kids who are looking for a weekend filled with excitement and adventure, Disney World is a must place to put on your list. It is a great spot for families to make some great memories for a lifetime to remember.

07) Illinois:

Illinois has Chicago and Chicago is awesome! It is one of the best cities in the USA where there is a lot of fun to do ranging from sightseeing, water tour to museums, cultural and theme towers. There have also been some recent efforts to restore lake Michigan a bring back the legacy of this famous tourist spot.

06) Maine:

Nature lovers, this state is exactly what you are looking for! Maine is one of those few secluded places in the USA where only about 50 people visit some of its places a year. It is that peaceful there. Visiting Bar harbor is highly recommended for those who want to visit Maine.

05) Louisiana:

Another notable state enriched with an interesting history. If your idea of fun is visiting historic cultural places then look no further. Louisiana was ruled by French people and it was that one state out of thirteen that did not fight for freedom from British rule. The most notable places to visit here are the gorgeous French Quarter and lovely Bourbon Street (which by the way, everyone should visit at least once in their life).

04) Hawaii:

Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place for nature lovers. This destination will bring you the warmth of heart as you slip away in its gorgeous sceneries. The island has some of the best beaches where you can have fun with friends and family. The water is so clear around these beaches that you can see the bottom of the sea.  The jungles on the inside of islands and active volcanoes bring out the best of nature in this state. Hawaii is the dream destination to spend your summer.

03) Arizona:

Two words, Grand Canyon. This national park in the state of Arizona is jaw droopingly gorgeous with so many beautiful views. It is perfect for those who like sightseeing. Watching this place in pictures or movies is one thing, but experiencing it with your own eyes is just on another level.

02) Nevada:

No one would have ever known that a place filled with huge desert areas and canyons would become one of the biggest tourist attractions both national and international. All credit goes to Las Vegas. If anyone could illustrate ‘fun’, it would be a picture of this sin city. Greatly lit, filled with people. You really cannot get enough of this place.

01) New York:

The world’s most populous and famous city New York is a must-visit place for people who like to socialize and party. The crowded places in the city show the daily hustle of New Yorkers chasing their dreams. NYC or New York City is mostly seen in media. It has great places to eat, tourism sites like museums and libraries, Central Park, and clubs that are perfect to meet new people and have a fun time.


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