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GamePigeon with Unlimited Games in it, Happy Gaming!




Looking for an assortment of great two-player iMessage gameplay also in a single app, GamePigeon wins the lead with amazing features. GamePigeon features 26 different multiplayer iMessage games. Either it is Crazy 8, cup pong, checkers, shuffleboard, or any other game you’ll find it all. But, how can you play so many games in a single application? So, just look to have fun with your family and friends as iMessage is going to turn a good time. Just after you get to know new gameplay, secondly hush to grab some tricks and hacks to be the best player of the play. Here explore the five amazing Game Pigeon games and the latest GamePigeon hacks and cheats.

Five GamePigeon Games.

People have been inquiring that GamePigeon safe or not? Well, they’re on right to be considered with their information accessed by the game. However, it is advised that players should always be conscious will granting permission to the application. Whereas, the great demand and popularity of gameplay explain how widely the game is played worldwide. The most popular five Game Pigone are as follows.

  • Cup Pong
  • Crazy 8s
  • Archery
  • Anagrams
  • 20 Questions

Cup Pong

Cup Pong is known as the best and most famous GamePigeon game. The main reason for so much fame is the simplicity the game follows, they are standard beer pong rules like of real life. Every player starts with 10 cups arranged in a triangle facing towards the opposite player. Each player in the game gets the turn to throw two balls on each turn into cups. For throwing the ball, you simply need to swipe on your device. Luckily, if you manage to get the “Balls Back”, you can get another turn.


Crazy 8s

GamePigeon was known to roll out their first ‘up to four-player game’, with the release of Crazy 8s. It is a wild, fast-paced game. Definitely love this game if you like that games that guarantee suspense and upset, then you’re at the right place. Crazy 8s rules and regulations are just like real-life card games “Crazy Eight” or “UNO”. Besides, Crazy 8s twists and turns make the game exciting at every moment.



Love playing a game where you hit a bullseye? You can now get a chance to enjoy this hit in GamePigeon’s Archery. This game has three rounds, the player winning two of these rounds is considered as the winner of the whole game. Each round gives you three arrows and the score is calculated on the basis of hitting in the ring. Moreover, Archery obstacles are quite interesting. Furthermore, the factors like wind speed and direction also require to come into account while shooting. Besides, these obstacles you need patience and accuracy for calculating the optimal location to shoot the arrow. When you keep playing Archery more and more, your prediction about wind speeds and directions becomes more accurate.



Anagram is a 60 seconds game in which you’re presented with six-letter to make combine them into meaningful words. At first, you’re presented with six letters which you need to combine or rearrange to make the words. The more word you make in the game, the more points you gather. The player with the most points at the end of the game ultimately wins the game. The rule that you need to keep in mind is the word must be longer than two letters. The best Anagrams GamePigeon trick to remember is to try making more combinations by combining making any sense.


20 Questions

20 Questions is the most different game you’ll ever come across GamePigeon games. 20 Questions demand deep critical thinking skills and plenty of patience. Two players play this game, the first player sends the game thinking of an object and type to a designated line. After this, the player on the other end, start asking questions which the targeted person will answer in the form of ‘yes’ or ‘no’. You are almost to the point about what type of game it is. By answering the questions ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you get closer to the object in the question after answering 20 questions. However, this game takes a bit longer up to five minutes or even five months depending upon how good is the guesser plans and makes use of yes or no options.

To enjoy all these games on a single platform, you need to simply download GamePigeon from Apple App Store or Google Play store and send an invite to your favourite friend or family member and happy gaming. But what if you don’t get the GamePigeon download option? Here is how you can download GamePigeon on your mobile.

How to install and launch GamePigeon on your mobile?

First of all, go to the App Store/ Google Play store to download and install GamePigeon on your mobile. Search for “GamePigeon” in the marketplace. In case, you’re not able to search and get through the right game application, here you go with direct pathways to download. (Download for iOS)

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