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Facts you never Know about Gender Wage Gap 2020




The gender wage gap 2020 is the ratio of female to male average earning on yearly basis for full-time earning. This gender wage gap is due to the reason that most women work for fewer hours than men. And so, they have less experience resultantly not able to earn equal to that of men. Another reason to quote for the gender wage gap is the distribution of housework. Women have more responsibility for housework than men. According to US census data, it is reported that men spend an average of 41 hours per week at their work. Whereas, women nearly work for 36.3 hours per week on their duty on the basis of equal rights amendment.

gender wage gap 2020

This gender wage gap can be stopped if the companies don’t consider the gender for paying employees. Establish trust and value everyone’s capabilities. Thus, adapting some more tactics can help to eliminate the racial discrimination and wage difference completely. Here in the text below, you can read in detail about this gap over the past years and more interesting facts about it.

Does the gender wage gap still exist in 2020?

As per the report of the US Department of Labor 2014, it is observed that women working for full-time ear nearly 79 percent as much as the men do. However, this percentage shows that the wages gap are n


o reflected by the factor such as account education, occupation, or applications in various situations. The analysis showcases the fact that the wage gap has many aspects to differ. This gender wage gap is undeniable in every circumstance. But it can be expected that advancing technology is decreasing the percentage. You will soon get the annual report of 2020 explaining the current situation of the country.

It is estimated that 50 years from now will help to eliminate the gender difference completely. In some recent, the rapid narrowing of the figure is indicated.

Gender Wage Gap by race: Effecting factors

The racial difference is actually older than the age of the country. There is inequality between Africans and Native American’s income matters always. It is mainly categories into four groups as follows:

  • Asian, 87 percent
  • White non-Hispanic, 79 percent
  • Black or African American. 64 percent
  • Hispanic or Latina 58 percent

Issues Women face due to Gender Wage Gap:


  • Pay gap in every profession: You get to find a wage gap nearly in every profession. There are only a few fields such as food, writers, counsellors, pharmacists, and social workers where you would get to see women earning up to 97-99% of that of men. The larger gaps are observed to see mostly in the financial field have dominancy of men. And the pay ratio between women and men is 61-66%.
  • Mothers face more wages than women without kids: Yes, mothers are able to make only 71 cents on each dollar paid to fathers. Consequently, get to face an annual loss of $16,000.
  • On male counterparts, women with bachelor’s degrees get 26% less paid on full-time working: Despite having women with more college and postgraduate degrees than the man in the US.
  • As women are paid less from the initial stage itself. Thus, they receive fewer social security benefits. As a result, they lack behind in pension from men as well as retirement savings.

Gender wage gap facts based on the research of US:

There are some interesting facts to learn about various states of the US. And about their gender wage gaps.

  • California: It is the state of the US, that has the lowest gender wage gap. Golden state women hardly make the difference of $0.88 every dollar that men earn. Since 2010, the state has narrowed most of the gender wage gap by 4.6%.
  • Washington DC: Women in the state boast the highest median earnings. These women nearly earn a median of $70, 911 per year.
  • Few states that failed to narrow the difference since 2010: Those areas are South Dakota, DC, New Hampshire, Alabama, North Dakota, Iowa, and New Jersey.
  • Arkansas: It made the biggest improvement in the nation by earning 10.5 percentage points. Therefore, the state’s median earnings for women are yet lowest in the nation at $36, 042/year.
  • West Virginia and Louisiana: These are cities that have the widest gender wage gap in the nation. The women are just able to make a difference of $0.70 on each dollar that men make. Whereas, West Virginia has the third-worst gender wage gap. Along with the lowest median earning for women: $32, 778 per year.

About Gender Wage Gap 2019:


It is our current results about the gender wage gap. Conclude as to the mean of the all hourly workings of men compared to that of women. Calculating the average, then studying the difference between two averages. However, the current position states that men are still senior to women as all the higher positions have men employed. Moreover, the efforts to narrow the gap have been continued and as a result, four out of six vacant extended leadership positions were filled by women. To have more detailed information view the graphical analysis.

There will be changes to be seen in the future of the new batch of Census Bureau data. Simultaneously there will alternations observed in the earning of men and women. However, this Gender Wage Gap is not going to come to end until and unless concerted action is taken. Besides, it requires strong biasing on racial discrimination as well. Social security values for women should be high as it is a matter for them to support their family as well.

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