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Geolocation by IP Address: Things Never Done Before




Internet Protocol Address example is quite familiar to you all. If not let me tell. It is the 32-bit unique numerical combination that every device connected to a network have. It mainly has two main functions; Host and location addressing. From these functions, the host can use geolocation software to infer the geographic position of its communicating contempered. Geolocation is the technology used to acquire the details about the actual location of the communicating peer. Both types of data can be collecting such as active user data as well as passive server-based data correlation. The geolocation data can be categorized into three types; Geo referencing or positioning, Geocoding, and Geotagging. As of the year 2019, the number of smartphone users has reached 2.66 billion. And you can find 2 million applications on online stores of Android and iPhone. Geolocation by IP address in Local SEO optimization can gather certain information about the user. You can gather the following details from a person’s IP address:

  • Country
  • State or province
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Time Zone
  • Authority issuing the network.

However, technology has made incredible advancements. So, the user can now use various tools to have fake geolocation. You will come to know more about these advancements and techniques in the article below.

What is Geolocation by IP?

Unlike the function of Geolocation, Geolocation by IP does not gather the local details of the user. It only is having access to IP addresses only. However, it cannot be said that it can’t gather information. If you get in contact with the Internet Service provider. And be successful in gaining more details of the customer. You can get access to that information and data. That is not accessible only with help of an IP address. Geolocation by IP lacks behind the accuracy as it can operate on web servers by the host websites. This provides them the potential to capture the GeoIP with the help of programming.

However, geolocation and geolocation by IP prove to be very beneficial. As it is an important source of information for digital marketing.

Use of Geolocation by people:

Geolocation is mostly being used for anonymity. It is also used by the people for various reasons such as marketing, advertisement, and access the block sites in a specific country. For example, many make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) when they are abroad. Just to pretend that they are in the US. The purpose behind doing this can vary maybe they want to watch their favorite season on Netflix despite the fact. That is not allowed to broadcast in other areas. People are widely using many secure browsers such as Chrome, Safari, MS Edge, Firefox, Avast, and IE. The only thing that can reroute the user’s IP address is VPN. However, secure browsing does not affect analytics services.

The need for Geolocation for IP address: 

You might have been thinking that if the IP address is already a unique factor. Then what is the need for geographical location? When there are approximately 4 billion IPv4 in use then it was quite a big job to keep the ownership, status updated. Thus, the database of IP addresses was based on geolocation. So, many IP database vendors like one that of MaxMind are working day and night to keep the database always updated. However, nothing is perfect in always so it very hard to maintain a great accuracy level.

Blocking and Fencing Geolocation on IP addresses:

Geoblocking and GeoFencing are two contrasting factors.

  • For example, if an online product selling store cannot ship the product outside the country US. It is not allowed to be viewed in other countries. This technique of allowing access or denying access is known as GeoBlocking. Moreover, the censor board of every country has its rules and regulations. Thus, can deny the access of several web applications in the area or specific region.
  • GeoFencingis a practice to permit or restrict the connection. Such as quoted before Netflix is not accessible in a certain area. Similarly, many other web application host or site serves embosses their restrictions.

Top 10 Greatest IP Geolocation APIs in 2020:

As after reading all the usefulness and what geolocation by IP address can do for you. Definitely, you will love to learn about the best and most secure APIs in 2020. If you have never made use of this feature before. Then hurry to get one watch all your favorite seasons on Netflix or play those X-factor games.

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IP spidering: Most advanced Technique:

It is the most latest and sophisticated technique that many different companies use to visit a different website. The purpose behind this action is to collect data and information also the IP addresses geographic location. However, it is a complicated and time-consuming technique.

However, everyone tries to make use of advanced technologies to grow their business. Or to enhance their skills. Whatever the purpose is behind using Geolocation by IP address be. The fact to quote is that there is continuous advancement taking place. And it is expected to get more flexibility and feature ahead.

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