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Get Rid Of Whiteheads without Damaging Your Skin




Not only women but also men want clean skin. Unfortunately, air pollution and sunlight exposure can damage our skin and result in dead skin cells. Today, we will discuss how whiteheads can make your skin look unhealthy.

Whiteheads develop when your skin pores get clogged with dirt, dead skin cells, and excessive skin oil. You can push out blackheads, but it is not easy to deal with whiteheads because they are closed under the skin.

There are not only home remedies that you can follow but also prescription treatments that can help. Let’s find out what skin specialists suggest to patients with skin issues.

Follow the initial hands-off approach

The very first technique is to not touch your face over and over again. Once you start touching your face, it will invite more-clogging dirt and bacteria that cause skin irritation. Some people can’t put up with whiteheads and pop them out. Do you know what happens next?

One of the best skin specialists shared in his conference that popping up a whitehead brings nothing but leave a scar or open a pore. But if you really want to get rid of whiteheads, you need to read the following section.

Tips for Skin Care

Prevent is better than cure. Here, learn about how to take care of your skin to avoid whiteheads.

  • Take a bath of lukewarm water and also for cleansing.
  • Don’t scrub too hard, or it can cause rashes.
  • Never go outside without wearing sunscreen.
  • Wash your face with a mild product, like Dove.
  • Change your bed sheet every 2nd or 3rd day.
  • Wash your hair regularly.
  • Never apply old makeup but buy new products.
  • Never buy products that are in jars
  • Wash your makeup brushes after use.
  • Never share your lipstick or other products with anyone.

Remove Whiteheads At Home

Some people have an allergy to some products or oils. Whenever you try a home remedy, apply it on your arm and wait for the reaction. You have no idea what you are allergic to, but applying on a part of your arm can help you check. A few ingredients can cause skin irritation, such as:

  • Baking soda can cause skin rashes
  • Using sugar crystals cut the skin
  • Direct lemon juice can be too sensitive to the skin.

Skin is the largest organ of our body that needs more care. Here, we have come with some home remedies to deal with whiteheads.

  • Use Aloe Vera

Not only in your garden, but you can find multiple skincare products that contain Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera helps to shrink the pores and remove the dirt. You can cut cubes of Aloe Vera gel and mash them to apply directly on your face. It gives instant results with skin smoothness.

  • Witch Hazel – A Flowering Plant

Whiteheads occur beneath the skin, so you need an ingredient that can remove bacteria from your pores. Witch hazel deals with whiteheads with their astringent and pore opening properties. You can use it twice a day and remove the skin dirt.

  • Tea Tree Oil

To clear up whiteheads, you can consider tea tree oil.

It’s been proven one of the best skincare products ingredients. You can apply it directly to your face.

You can buy cleansers or face marks that contain the tea tree oil.

OTC Treatment

Sometimes, home remedies work, or you need to get medical help. OTC treatments can help you clear up your skin. If you use every skincare product at the same time, it may result in dry and itchy skin.

  • Gentle exfoliants: It works best to get smooth skin plus help with whiteheads without irritating skin.
  • Salicylic acid: It helps to reduce the excessive oil production in pores and remove the dead skin cells that can clog your pores. You can find skin toner that contains salicylic acid.
  • Retinoid Creams: it is supposed to provide anti-aging benefits and unclog the pores. You do not need to apply it on some spots but use it for overall face use.

Final Thoughts

Women who go to bed wearing makeup are at high risk of developing whiteheads. You should use makeup that is oil-free because they are less likely to clog the pores. You need to visit a skin specialist if you fail to deal with whiteheads at home. Waiting at home too long can worsen them. Doctors often prescribe some stronger medications to remove whiteheads.

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