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Golden Joystick Awards 2020 : The Last of Us Part 2 News




The Last of Us Part 2 news update: Naughty Dog’s latest videogame won the Ultimate Game of the Year 2020 award at the Golden Joystick Awards. It was a big win night for Naughty Dog as they didn’t only pouch the Ultimate Game of the Year 2020 but also won for best story-telling, best visual design, best audio, and PlayStation game of the year. It is a very well deserved win, and I would be surprised if this game doesn’t generate the same kind of buzz in Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards. The Last of Us Part 2 news feels even more satisfying when I think about the plethora of negativity that surrounded this game and still does, as a matter of fact.

This win was a result of public voting, and it shows that there is a majority that liked the game while those who were hating on it were just loud. Now only if Naughty Dog wins at The Game Awards, it would solidify the narrative milestone they have achieved in interactive entertainment media. With Cyberpunk 2077 delayed, the chances are all the more. Ghost of Tsushima is another strong contender as these are two of the best games I have experienced this year, but my vote is for The Last of Us Part 2 because it made me feel a entire spectrum of emotions like no other game has ever done.

The Last of Us 2 Game of the Generation?

Possibly yes, but it is too early to say when I haven’t played Cyberpunk 2077 yet. But why am I even considering this to be such a strong case for The Last of Us Part 2? A simple answer to this is; because I have played it. There have been so many people who hated on the game, basing their arguments on leaks and walkthroughs. I completely understand that it will make no sense to see characters making decisions that they made from a viewer’s perspective. But it is precisely because viewing it will rob away the emotional impact it will have on you as the person holding the controller.

It is also exactly why this story could have only been told best via the videogame medium. While mature themes have been discussed in videogames for decades at this point, the characters of this world were brought to life by prolific actors, responsible writers, animators, and musicians who are determined to create an unprecedented experience.

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The powerful connection made between you and the main character in the beginning, is essential to drive you on a path of revenge. It is imperative for you to be extremely angry at this point because how you feel at the opening of the game is what dictates the rest of your experience in this game. Naughty Dog had a huge responsibility here, and if you played the game with no bias, you would agree that they succeeded, albeit brutally. While the plot is about revenge, as the girlfriend reviews said, it doesn’t reflect the story.

Part 2 News

The narrative structure was ambitious and risky, just like this The Last of Us Part 2 news. It is not a linear story structure like we normally get from Naughty Dog games. The point of view flip that occurs halfway through the game tests your bias heavily, but it is still not enough to lessen your hatred towards the antagonist. Here I was like, yeah, nice try, Naughty Dog, but I’m still going to find this person, and I’m going to kill them for what they did to me!

But as I keep going, the drive for revenge gets so insane to the point where the game makes you realize how hunting for a monster has turned you into one. And even though we have seen that happening in mainstream media before, the way it hits you in this game is the closest I could ever relate to a TV screen ever. It wouldn’t have worked for me like this if I was not playing the game myself.

Just like us, our main character gets the same realization and tries to step away, but it is too late at this point. Then a significant change happens, point of view switches, and now you must play as the antagonist. You may think that they did this to make you feel that the antagonist is the protagonist of their own story, cliché plot point, who cares.

Although they factually prove that the antagonist is a protagonist of her own story, it is not the intended effect of the narrative. The intended effect is to make you lose your subjective self-identity when the game merges the timelines of both these characters. They do this with great success because when these two characters finally have a face-off for the first time, you have all these sentiments of anger, regret, empathy, and hatred, but you can’t really grasp how you feel. So much happens on-screen, but the player is left emotionally confused on how to react to it. I don’t know any other game that has made me feel this uncomfortable and confused ever, and in a good way.

By the time you reach the ending, which in itself is a whole new article, you just want the suffering of both the characters to end. I can never forget how the game was pushing me to the edge to do something that I strongly disagreed with, so I shouted, and I cried for my character to stop killing the other character (which was also just as empathetic to me at this point). I am glad that it finished the way it ended, and I was emotionally drained when the credits rolled. I loved this experience, and I hope more developers try making bold narrative choices as Naughty Dog did.

The Last of Us Part 2 is the best game ever?

The Last of Us Part 2 is the best game ever? No, it has flaws like other games, but it is the most daring game ever and the most rewarding for what it makes you go through.

Thus, the recognition it is getting is a very satisfying thing to watch, and I hope The Last of Us Part 2 news in The Game Awards is just as good as the one we got from Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

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