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Does Google Interfere in your Personal Life? Google Knows Everything




Where am I sitting? What am I doing right now? What am I looking for? What am I talking to anyone? I didn’t tell any of these things to Google, then how does it know everything about every moment. I had found myself just discussing with my friend face to face about purchasing a new smartphone. The very next moment, I got back to my laptop for working there were so many smartphone advertisements on my screen. Taking me into deep thoughts, no doubt it’s really strange for everyone. If you are discussing something really private, that no third person should know but Google is listening to you. Getting well smarter than Google, we walk into an area where there are no electronic or technical devices, yet Google gets to know everything. Google knows my names, my age, quite fair that this data is collected from social media profiles. But, if say that not only you search on Google, turning it, Google is also searching for you. Feeling unsecured when the fact “Google knows everything” sounds in your ears.

We let me break the ice that it’s not something too much latest news, as in the year 2009 Google has published a transparency tool known as Dashboard. With the help of this tool, users were able to see what kind of information the Internet giant is collecting. But some recent surveys show that people are more conscious about Google accessed data than the NSA, their organizations, parents, or spouse. However, your boss and parents would never know what you are searching for, receiving data, and clicking somewhere. Moreover, people outside Google just make assumptions, but Google knows the right thing.

What does Google know about me?

Google knows everything about you and me. Keeping all the technicalities aside, let’s discuss your activity for search something. When typing something in the Google search box, you may never have realized what clues you are giving to Google about yourself. Google Intelligence records a great deal of information about you, your searches, interests, and lots more.

However, Google does not hide anything from its users. Yes, all the data collected is open to the users. Here is the list of data that Google collects from the user with its permission.

  • All the searches you on Google
  • History of websites you visit and click.
  • Videos you watch on any of the platforms.
  • Advertisements you click or tap on.
  • Your location
  • Device information
  • IP address and cookie data.

You will be quite familiar with the term ‘ Cookies’, these are temporary data that identifies you and your device. All the data stored in cookies is related linked with your profile in Google’s data centers. And about those ads, I was talking about is the result of cookies that make Google intelligence strong. Google knows everything about you by tracking your activity and the ads you click. In this way, Google is able to build a list of your interested fields and areas.

No doubt all the websites are not using Google Ads, however, most of them are using Google Analytics. It is a free tool that provides statistics to the webmaster. Moreover, if you try to behave more efficiently and disable all the Google Ads, still you be able to aggregate information about yourself. As Google is quite smart than human beings.

How to find out what Google knows about me?

Days back all this data was kept secret. By the time people became more conscious about their personal data, Google allowed the users to see all these data. To see what Google knows about you, visit the ‘My Activity Page’ on Google. On this page, you would get to see all the data about the searches you have made, the websites you had visited, etc. All this information is because of Google Analytics. Google can know more about you if you are signed your Google account.

Whereas, if you have to visit ‘Other Google Activity Page’, then you get to know some more details that Google knows about you. On this page, there would be location history, device login information. Besides, there some unwanted data such as contacts, calendar, apps, data transferred from your devices.

Furthermore, if you think that you can hide your location from Google. But Google still knows where do I live and where am I moving. With the help of Wi-Fi or any other wireless connection, it can track your physical location. So, unlike Facebook, Google knows everything even if you are not signed in.

Now, it’s your duty how you can protect your personal information and passwords. There are some softwares that can protect your mobile phone such as: Hit the kill Switch.

5 Interesting fact you need to know about Google:

These were a lot that Google knows about me and you. Now let’s study some pretty unique and amazing that you never knew about Google:

  • All the AI bots of Google providing assistance to users about various things are females.
  • In 2025, we all are going to have Pet bots. They will look, feel, and act time a real animal but reduce the issues faced by the owner.
  • Google Artificial Intelligence can read your mind, that it can contrast an image from your brain. However, this image would be more precise than the artist’s one who took instructions for drawing.
  • It’s a quite simple thing for how does Google know so much about us? Regardless of human minds working behind for years. Thus, AI advancement and success would increase job opportunities.
  • AI with extraordinary power and potential makes Google be so smart and in huge demand of people.

These were all from how much and how does Google know everything about everyone. It has one the largest storage area to store this much knowledge about everyone. Next, we would explore how Google knows all answers and from where do the answers come.


Does Google Interfere in your Personal Life? Google Knows Everything
Does Google Interfere in your Personal Life? Google Knows Everything
What am I doing right now? What am I looking for? What am I talking? I didn’t tell these things to Google. How Google knows everything?
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