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Why GTA 5 better than Cyberpunk 2077?




The most anticipated game of the year 2020; Cyberpunk 2077 was out in the market on December 10. Let me tell you a deep secret about it, that its title was announced in the year 2013 since then fans have been eagerly looking forward to it. However, the reviews board of the game has received several kinds of reviews which were more surprising. So much of talks and clouds of gossips made players compare its mechanics with other most anticipated titles. Thus, it came in comparison with the Rockstar Game’ GTA 5. As GTA V was released in 2013; the year Cyberpunk 2077 titles was announced. Although, it’s not fair comparing years old game with new when players considered GTA V to be way ahead of its time everyone came into action.

Well, both most anticipated titles were quite satisfying for their players with their own unique gameplay style. Let’s find out know the core reasons behind what didn’t stop the players to draw a comparison line between GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077. The conclusion of the comparison suggests GTA V beats Cyberpunk by a mile.

  • In GTA V when you hit the bullets it would damage and deflate the car tires. Whereas, in Cyberpunk, there would be no damaging effect on the car tires when you hit the bullets.
  • As GTA V gives the most realistic feel, when you shoot in water, there is a bullet splash in it. On the other hand, when you shoot in water in the gameplay of Cyberpunk the bullet impact is nonexistent. The same is the case with Grenades when thrown into the water, GTA V have splash effects whereas, Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t have any aspect in this also.
  • GTA V would make you feel the exactly same as expect when you fell down from a moving car. When your character in Cyberpunk lands on 2 feet, regardless of the fact how fast you were going. Or if you get by a moving car in GTA you would experience sent flying with each crash in different angles. In Cyberpunk, the felling down animation is always the same.
  • The factor that is hard to decide which gameplay wins is the tire burnout effect. As in GTA V, the tire would get overheat and explode. In Cyberpunk, you can go on forever.
  • When you raise a question that how would the drivers react to you when standing on the road? The answer is in GTA, the driver would lose his patience and drive around you. Cyberpunk, it seems that nobody is in a hurry as drivers around you. And here in Cyberpunk, the driver would wait until and unless you move.
  • The better animations supported in GTA provides the experience of diving when jumping in the water. However, Cyberpunk lacks this diving animation.
  • While after diving you are swimming in GTA V, it quite a natural feel. Cyberpunk annoys the players by constantly bobbing the head in and out.
  • When you spread fire through the grass and trees in GTV 5 it would stay lit for some time. In Cyberpunk, it won’t spread and even just last for a few seconds.
  • Fighting is more exciting in GTA V, as when you would punch a person, they would fight back and run away. In Cyberpunk, no one put a fight and the only reaction to fight is NPC runs away.

Thus, these are some of the highlighted features lacking in Cyberpunk 2077 that most of the players had experienced. However, you may conclude some differences between GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077. If you are fond of gaming then GTA V will be the right play to go ahead. Whereas, if you never ever played a video game ever before, then Cyberpunk 2077 would be a moderate go to teach you some basics.

Why GTA 5 better than Cyberpunk 2077? GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077
Why GTA 5 better than Cyberpunk 2077? GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077
Find out know the core reasons behind what didn’t stop the players to draw a comparison line between GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077.
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