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Guide to the 7 Best NJ Bakeries




Epic is a word that appears to stand out enough to be noticed nowadays. Bakery is a word that gets mine. So I thought I’d set up the two to present to you a post about the absolute best, most epic NJ bakeries in NJ. Presently, I realize this is New Jersey, so that implies we have a huge load of astounding bakeries out there who are using custom cake boxes with their logo. This is only a little inspection of what our state has to bring to the table.

The Pirate Cupcake – Milford, NJ

OK, so I may be one-sided on this one, since the virtuoso behind The Pirate Cupcake incidentally turns out to be my sister. Be that as it may, man, I have attempted countless cupcakes in the course of my life, hers actually ‘take the cake’ taking everything into account. Another extraordinary thing about her business is that it’s NUT FREE. That’s right; the privateer herself has serious nut sensitivity so you can have confidence that you won’t discover nuts in any of her treats. What’s more, to add to the absolute coolness of the entirety of this, The Pirate Cupcake claims a Pirate Cupcake TRUCK (tenderly known as ‘Clyde’) that can be recruited for functions or gatherings. You can likewise discover Clyde at numerous food truck celebrations all through New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What’s Epic about the Pirate Cupcake: without nut and makes astounding cupcakes and other phenomenal treats. Make certain to attempt her carefully assembled natural product popsicles and frozen yogurt treat sandwiches, as well! The coolest truck ever, really stands-out.

Edible Notions – NJ

Edible Notions just won’s decision for the state’s best NJ bakery. Request the hotcakes and I guarantee you won’t be baffled!

What’s Epic About Edible Notions: When you’re needing a lovely French baked good or macron, certainly hit up Edible Notions! Their warm cakes are divine.

The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe – Chester, NJ

I’ve been visiting the town of Chester since I was a small child. There are so numerous pleasant activities there and charming spots to eat. One of my number one increments to the town is The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe, found right on Main Street in Chester. I was so energized when they were highlighted on Cupcake Wars (and won!). They were one of the absolute first bakeries I took The Jersey Momma’s Boy to when he was a baby. I actually recall the mint chocolate chip cupcake he picked. He conveyed it home himself in his own little pack. You’ll locate an inviting staff and an incredible choice of flavors here. I additionally love that they are directly close to a touch of parking area, so it’s a simple in and out in the event that you need to simply run in and get some speedy treats.

What’s Epic About The Sweet Spot Bake Shoppe: Don’t miss the Cupcake Wars winning seasoned cupcake, or my undisputed top choice, the Neopolitan.

Cocoluxe Fine Pastries – Peapack, NJ

Cocoluxe is an interesting little shop directly on Main Street in Peapack (have you seen a Main Street pattern going on here for bakerys?). They convey a one of a kind determination of fine organic product cakes, french baked goods and that’s just the beginning.

Chocolate Mice from Cocoluxe Pastries in Peapack

What’s Epic About Cocoluxe: The chocolate mice! That’s all there is to it? I likewise like their pecan brownies, which are round and heated in a little paper covering like a cupcake.

The Gingered Peach – Lawrenceville, NJ

Let me simply state that The Gingered Peach is one of the cutest little bakerys you could possibly do see. That aside, they additionally have the absolute most delectable prepared treats around. My companions rave about their goat cheddar brownie (who knew, right?), yet I likewise hear their notorious caramel break is difficult to stand up to. You can visit them on Gordon Avenue in Lawrenceville.

What’s Epic About The Gingered Peach: There are some amazingly extraordinary things on their menu, and I figure you should check them hard and fast. Be that as it may, don’t miss their croissants and scones, by the same token!

The Flaky Tart – Atlantic Highlands, NJ

The Flaky Tart comes strongly suggested by one of my #1 treat cooks, Sweet Dani B. Situated on First Avenue in the adorable minimal Victorian town of Atlantic Highlands, they are generally known for their cakes and different heavenly treats. Everybody needs prepared merchandise when they’re at the shore, so in case you’re in the territory, visit them! What you may particularly cherish is the means by which delightful their pastries are. That is to say, too beautiful to even consider eating! Nearly, I said. 😉

What’s Epic about the Flaky Tart: The magnificence of their cakes and cakes can’t be beat! Look at their novel tarts and cakes-particularly that smokes tart.

Do you have a most loved New Jersey custom bakery boxes and items? Give them a yell out in the comment segment underneath!

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