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Hay Day Tips and Tricks – How to make more Coins and Stars?




Breaking the ice of wait anymore, let’s dig into some tips you’ve all been digging the whole internet. If you haven’t installed the game yet, then simply head over to the App Store in your iPhone or Play Store in Android and download the app. The game Hay Day is completely free, however; some app purchases are also there to make the game go a bit quicker. Most of the time these are in the form of currency packs that you can also use to speed things. There are a lot of people who sink a lot of cash into these games and purchase power ( in regards to this game it’s called ‘whales’). On the other hand, there are some people who have set up elaborate workarounds to keep an eye to pay a cent. Well, playing the game with smartness and on a safe hand will go for Hay Day tips and tricks to have a good time.

Make Money Faster:

Many of the players are playing Hay Day to make more money and more money. There are several ways to get more a bit quicker than others. Planting wheat is one of them the good way to win. It’s recommended to plant wheat as often as you can and in any nook and cranny that you can afford. Once the wheat crops grow up, then you can harvest and sell them whenever you want to make more money. Whereas, if you’ve invested in the long hall of farming wheat, then you can always use the extra money to purchase more land. In this way, you’ll get more places to grow and harvest your wheat.

Gather more Diamonds:

Its widely known that coins are a useful currency in Hay Day but ultimately they fell pale in comparison to the diamond. If you’re quick and an experienced player of Hay Day, then make sure you get your hands on as many diamonds as you can. You can also purchase packs of diamonds from in-app purchases. However, it is preferred to other ways to earn them in-game. Try to get 1 to 2 diamonds every time you level up the game. Whereas, enter the contests of Hay Day promotions on their official Facebook page. Following up on Hay Day’s social platform will get you another 5 diamonds. Besides, these check the mystery boxes there might be some hidden in them too. Moreover, if you succeed in getting up to level 24, then you can enjoy tons of diamonds just by mining to make it to the first level.

Get more Coins by Selling Goodies:

If you’re able to purchase construction equipment like dynamite in bulk, then selling each of the items can bring you great profit. It is a quick way to get some extra coins whenever required. You can also advertise your item before selling it. Therefore, when people visit your in-game store, the advertisement will make all of the items pop-up for selling public.

Keep an Eye on Your Animals and Crops:

When playing Hay Day, you should keep the balance between Animals and Crops on your farm. You’re required to fed those animals in your field. Meanwhile, these items are that feed to make them worthy items for the market. When you’ve made an Animal Pen, then you’ve to tap on the till icon and then drop Animal into your required housing area.

Hunt for the Building Materials:

You can upgrade the storage spaces to Barns and Silos with the help of building material. To find these building materials you have to be in the field with your animals. Also, you can check the Mystery Boxes popping up in the game.

Utilize your roadside stand to fill your coffers:

Rather than selling goods to the visitors, try the good Hay Day trick and sell them to your friends and followers. You can have an idea about what products your friends are selling and at what rates. To play cleverly the game what you can do is max out the price of goods and then knocks 10 percent off. This is the way to attract more customers organically to your products and increase your sales.

Never be afraid to say no orders:

There will be also such situations when your bulletin board will pile up with plenty of orders from nearby businesses that need your goods. This business can be stores, salons, churches, and many more. In this situation, they will be willing to pay you more but sometimes you might have enough goods to fill their orders. This can take quite long or also you may not have even the equipment or livestock to fulfill their order. So, take all the courage to dump these orders in the trash. Don’t worry about that single order as you’ll end up waiting for few minutes for the new order to arrive. However, if you’re up to with enough resources to fulfill their order, then it’s worthwhile to clear the order at that moment.

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Keep a balance of Money with Experience:

When an order comes in you’ll find two figures appearing at the bottom i.e. coins and stars. Here Coins are the money you’ll get on completing each order and stars are the experience points you get for successful completion of an order. Being successful in Hay Day is all about leveling up by making more coins. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take the orders that offer less cash but more experience to aid you to level up faster.

Smartly determine the items you’ll need in the future:

It’s beneficial to determine the items that you’ll need in the future to complete the shipments and letting the delivery boy give you hints using this helpful Hay Day Tip. So, look for the delivery boy click on him. Then choose the ‘No Thanks’ button so the delivery boy will then go across the road and lie down in the field. Above the head of the delivery boy, you’ll find a bubble where pictures of things you’ll need to complete future shipments will appear.

All the Cats and Dogs in Hay Day Tips and Tricks:

You can get cats and dogs using v4ouchers, which can be obtained by completing Boat and Truck orders, harvesting Crops, or from Treasure Boxes. To get Cats and Dogs in Hay Day, you have first to get Cats or Dogs House, and then make sure you feed your new pets. Milk for your cats and bacon for Dogs is the feed you need to own. Remember every time you do this, you get 30 XP. Besides bring you more experience points, the Cats and Dogs serve a mainly decorative purpose. It depends totally on you if investing here is worthy or not.

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Hay Day Cheats and Tips – How to Make more Money or Coins in Hay Day gameplay?

So all set there you go – ten quick Hay Day Tips and Tricks to make the most out of Hay Day. All these Hay Day cheats and hacks usually work however the designers may have some updates in the game, then possibly it won’t. You can also find out which trick of Hay Day gameplay works for you and which don’t. Evaluating and then finding the best one to make more money or coins in Hay Day.

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