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Healthy Ingredients Make For Healthy Pets




You may think that vegetables are not for dogs, at least not as necessary as they are for us, but you would be wrong. They play an integral role in providing the nutrients and minerals they need to perform optimally daily.

When we look for or think about healthy ingredients or products for our pets, we assume that the generic food brands we buy in the supermarkets will provide this. Unfortunately, more often than not the percentage of nutrition in these products is about half the recommended dosage and could leave your pet wanting more.

We need to be more aware of what we are feeding to our furry family members, read product labels on packaging, and ensure that the foods that we buy have ingredients that are ethically grown and sourced. Read here to learn more about the various technical words mean and this way you have a better understanding of which foods are best for your dog.

The importance of healthier foods.

Showing your pet that you love and care for them unconditionally goes further than a cuddly bed and a box full of chew toys (although those do help convey the message), but it is more about the high-quality foods you prepare for mealtimes.

These nutrients help to maintain the shine and lux of their coats and fur and to keep them looking healthy. Delving deeper, the essential vitamins assist the functioning of the body and keeps the immune system strong and fighting, it also aids the digestive tract to keep bowel movements regular and prevent unwanted constipation and stomach issues.

So, keeping all these facts in mind how can you be sure that the product you pick is the best, that it’s the right fit, or is going to do the job with the results you expect? Well, as the old saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding,’ and from the success stories pouring in daily, it is safe to say that organic products and ingredients specifically tailored and personalized for pets such as the Holistapet brand could be the silver lining in that dark cloud of confusion.

Not only do you want a business that prides itself on well-made products, but which is transparent about their extraction and harvesting methods with the results and evidence records to back their claims.

Upon shopping and browsing what is available on the market there are a few simple factors you can keep in mind to ensure you are not only on the right track but that the products you find are from a reliable and reputable company.

Reputation is everything in the business world, and if the handful of options you choose happen to have been in the industry for more than a decade then surely they must be doing something right. Take your time and do your homework and research right the first time around, it will save you time and money in the long run.

The last thing you need is to be jumping in with both feet and your blinders on only to bulk purchase a dog food order and to discover the quality are less than superior. No thank you.

Checking the facts.

Many qualities often seem similar to others but if you look at the fine print they are not that credible after all, let’s take a quick look at what to be aware of when shopping for the right product for your four-legged friend.

  • The main component. Does the product offer the range of nutrients your pet needs to fuel his daily adventures? Is it well-balanced, is it suited to your pet’s age and breed, and does it have simple elements such as protein which is essential in building and repairing muscles?

You may not think of it as an essential building block in your furry family members’ meal plan but if you click this link you will see just how important the need for protein is and how it can benefit your pet.

  • Other than simply going on a name brand that you know or have seen before you need to check that the products are, in fact, all-natural and that they have undergone no chemical or preservative alterations before being packaged. Check that they meet government regulation standards by the stamp on the product and that they have undergone testing which will be available online or on their website.
  • This goes hand-in-hand with your pet’s allergies (if any) and is an easy tweak to make in their menu. Some animals don’t do well with grains or certain proteins, if this is the case you can opt for grain-free products or alternatives, but choosing the best food for your pup is key. It keeps them interested while being well fed.
  • As puppies grow they use more energy and in turn need a higher fat content diet to sustain them, make sure to choose the right food for your dog’s age. An older dog will be less active and thus does not need as much fat, if you don’t make the changes as they grow they could end up with health and heart conditions due to obesity but also developmental diseases.

A pet is a big responsibility but is not so daunting that it cannot be done and maintained with ease and information. Research as much as you can and you will be walking a healthy pet day in and day out. Win-win.


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