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Some Healthy Sleeping Positions To Provide Ideal Sleeping Nights




A good body position is essential for good sleep. But healthy sleep positions don’t just matter when it comes to appropriate sleep every human body needs. If you’re from those American Adults who suffer from sleep or wakefulness disorders, then you’re too familiar with the nightly routine. Besides, just it’s tempting to blame your mattress for your troublesome sleep problem, there are other factors that too matter a lot. Several scientific facts prove that sleeping positions will not only help you enjoy better night rest but also prevent many health problems. However, it will just take one simple tweak to discover the secret to a better night’s snooze just adopting some healthy sleeping positions. First, choose the right mattress and pillow, and then only you can choose the best sleeping position.

Choose the right mattress for restful night sleep:

According to few scientific reports states which mattress is good for back pain or for maintaining a healthy back. If you sleep on the right mattress that suits your body structure, then you’re going to wake up feeling rested and free of pains or soreness. However, if you have some special conditions that may require a certain type of mattress, then you should choose accordingly. It’s advised to choose a mattress that provides support for the natural curves of your spine and comfort. Moreover, if you’ve got a partner to sleep next to you, then you should have enough space to move into a comfortable sleeping position. The National Sleep Foundation advises replacing your mattress every 6 to 8 years. Furthermore, when you have some back problem, then you should ask your healthcare provider or physical therapist to advise which type of mattress is best for you.

Right Pillow, Right Mattress gives best restful Sleep:

If your mattress is for your back, then pillows are for your neck and head. Practically pillows are not just for your head and neck, depending upon your sleeping position some additional pillows give support to the spine to keep in the proper position. Just like your mattress when your pillow supports the natural curves of your neck it proves to be comfortable. Generally, it’s advised to choose a pillow that will keep the neck aligned with the chest and lower back. Make sure your pillows are adjustable to allow you to sleep in different positions. Whereas, about replacing your pillows then it’s advised to replace your pillows every year for healthy sleep.

Sleep Deprivation Causes:

Without proper sleep, you wake up with a headache and a body full of aces. However, if sleep deprivation continuous, then it leaves behind some long-term serious effects. Here are common downsides that one can experience due to consistent cycles of low-quality sleep;

  • Weakens your skin health and accelerate signs of aging
  • Young Memory loss
  • Reduces Sex Drive
  • Increase the risk of several heart diseases
  • Increases the risk of cancer
  • Overall mood swings and irritability nature.

Depending upon the internal system of humans, there are many different ways you get affected due to sleep deprivation. So, flat on your back, arms up around the head, or whatever is best sleeping position suits you discover them here.

Healthy Sleep Position Everyone should know:

Every healthy sleep position comes with pros and cons. But if you get to rest in some ideal positions then that probably still the best choice for you. So you cannot judge anyone to curl up like a dog or layout like a chalk outline at a crime scene, whatever gets you best rest is the healthy sleeping position for you. For you to improve the quality of your sleep, here some good sleeping positions for you.

Back Sleeping:

If you sleep just lying on your back, then take some pleasure acknowledging that this position is often recommended as the best position. The best part of sleeping on the back you enjoy aches and pains prevention in the morning. Moreover, it reduces facial wrinkles, back problems, and heartburn problems as well. Back sleeping is the best sleeping position where your spine rests in the most natural position. In fact, sleeping in position your entire skeleton will grateful for sleeping on your back. As in this position your arms, shoulders, and legs will never be jammed under the weight of your body. Whereas, while sleeping on your back your snore in the worst way.

Side Sleeping Position:

Sleeping on either side is also known as the Lateral position, in which the body is positioned with the head and torso lying on the left side. The arm on the downside can be under your body or maybe slightly forward or extended with some pressure on that shoulder. Side sleeping position the legs may be stacked, with one leg underneath or slightly staggered. Talking about the fetal position, the legs are bent and the knees are drawn toward the upper body. Sleeping in this position you avoid the adverse impacts of supine sleep. Moreover, breathing is optimal by sleeping on the left side. Erases the pain from body parts often shoulders or hip of either side. Furthermore, for pregnant ladies, it’s advised to place a pillow under their stomach or between knees so that it relieves pressure on the bladder and back pain.

Prone sleeping position or Sleeping on Stomach:

Lying upon one’s stomach is the least common sleep position. To facilitate breathing the person’s face can be turned to either side. Whereas, hands in position are may be tucked underneath or extended outwards to the sides. In prone sleeping position usually, legs are extended and not bent. You can consider a prone sleeping position as a healthy sleeping position as it prevents organ shifts that occur with the thorax. When you tuck arms close to the body which psychologically to some extent is proved to be comforting and conserving heat. Although, a prone sleeping position is preferred healthy sleeping position to alleviate chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Upright Sleeping Position:

It’s possible to sleep with your head raised with respect to your body. You can achieve this sleeping position in a recliner, for instance, using a sleeping wedge pillow to raise your head during sleep. Besides, wedge pillow, specialized mattresses, adjustable beds, etc. are also sued to lift the head above the body during sleep. The angle of elevation in an upright sleeping position may vary, however, the most beneficial one is raising the head by 20 to 30 degrees. It reduces the risk of snoring and the problems associated with sleep apnea. Moreover, the elevation is positioned properly, then it may also be possible to relieve pain.

  • The worst sleeping position for health: Prone Sleeping position
  • The Best sleeping position for healthy restful sleep: Back Sleeping Position
  • Most Preferred Sleeping Position: Side Sleeping Position.

Check your Sleeping Alignment:

Well according to Dr. Bang “It’s all about mechanics”. All you’ve to do is keep your spine in alignment. Moreover, if you feel the effects of sleep deprivation or worry that you might have sleep disorders, request a referral from your physician. For other factors like your age, back and shoulder pain, sleep apnea, and pregnancy you have to consult a physician for a healthy sleeping position. Still, by changing your pillow, mattress, and positions you can’t sleep well, then see someone experts.


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