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What is Hidden History of the Day of Romance? Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2021




Why is only one day to express your love to be loved ones? If we love someone from bottom of our heart, then why just one day celebrates love. Now, the point occurs how did Valentine’s Day started and what is the history of Valentine’s Day? Everyone will have the answer we know Saint Valentine – the Rome priest very well. Moreover, there are many martyrdom stories associated with the concept of Valentine’s Day celebrated on February 14. The interesting fact about the story is how a priest is related to the love and the romantic factor of the day. What do couples do on Valentine’s Day? A big question how can we recreate the history and keep the true meaning of the day in its true senses. Traditionally, married and unmarried couples celebrate the occasion by exchanging flowers, confectionaries, greetings, or date each other at some special place.

Here is the real history of Valentine’s Day and an explanation of how couples celebrate this Loveday.

History of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day meaning is to celebrate the tradition set by the famous Rome priest. It is also termed as Feast of Saint Valentine celebrated on February 14 throughout the world. You can imagine Valentine’s day’s significance from the fact that after Christmas and New Year, Valentine’s day is the third most celebrated event all over the world. Moreover, it holds a solid value from the cultural, religious, and commercial point of romance and love in the world.

However, history does not give us any specific idea about Valentine’s day origin. But we do know that it’s deeply associated with the ancient Rome Christian Church. The association of mid-February and romance goes back to a pagan festival Lupercalia. This festival used, to begin with, an animal sacrifice. Then according to some research says that women were slapped with animal skin and blood to enhance fertility for the coming year ahead. Some stories painted Lupercalia as a sexy holiday, describing that women wrote their names on clay tablets, and then men drew women names randomly to pair up for the whole year.

During the 3rd century A.D, Claudius Gothicus II got the hold of the Roman Emperor. Everything was pretty good at that time as Rome executed all most every Christian of the time. At the time, Claudius required the vast strong man to join this army. Most of the young and powerful men denied joining the army as they had a family behind to take care of. This forced Claudius to impose law in the era that no young man is allowed to marry. Meanwhile, a priest named Saint Valentine used to go against the state laws and arrange the marriage of people without the authorities knowing it. However, when this activity came into the knowledge of King, he sentenced Valentine to death for obeying his orders. Till the date of death, Saint Valentine was put into prison for some days. In this duration, Valentine made good terms with his jailer, Asterius. Its believed that Valentine was blessed with some extraordinary power to heal people. His jailer – Asterius had a blind daughter and the jailer knew about the miraculous powers of Valentine. So, he requested valentine to restore the sight of his blind daughter with his magical powers. Valentine was a man of power and kindness who successfully give eyes to his daughter.

In this short period, Valentine and Asterius’s daughter developed a deep friendship. Consequently, it was a great grief for the little girl to bear the departure of Valentine. Before, being sentenced to death, Valentine asked for some pen and paper from the jailor and wrote a farewell message. This message was concluded with the phrase ‘ From Your Valentine’, which is alive after him too. Thus, another person was martyred on February 14, in love with a lady, and because of the try to tie couples into a bond.

Valentine’s Days Greetings:

Thus, in the remembrance of the great Rome priest, February 14 is observed as the love day for all lovers. It was observed as a love occasion and celebrate with their beloved ones. Traditionally, they used to send handwritten greetings of affection and the famous phrase ‘From your Valentine’.

History of Chaucer to Link Valentine’s Day with Romance:

A famous scholar and author named Henry Ansgar Kelly first associated St. Valentine’s Day with romance. According to medieval England and France, it is believed birds mated on February 14. Though, Chaucer used the images of birds in his book to symbolize lovers. Therefore, the day was associated with royal engagement and the mating season of lovers all over the world. However, activities like exchanging gifts and cards became enough famous in England by the 18th century.

There is a lot of confusion regarding the real history of Valentine, but we can conclude on Saint Valentine’s story as his archaeologists exist in this world.

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards and Quotes:

After 1840, the US began to produce Valentine’s Day greeting cards commercially. The first American Valentine’s Day greeting card was created by Esther A. Howland Mount Holyoke. The graduate and native of Worcester Mass. Howland is known as the mother of Valentine. It was the time when elaboration in celebration got the essence of real lace, ribbons, and cute pictures known as ‘scrap’. Gradually, the tradition of cards was caught by the United States when they were produced in bulk for everyone.

Today, besides Valentine’s Day being celebrated widely throughout the world, it’s also booming commercial success. The Greeting Card Association states that about 25% of cards sold each year are Valentine cards.

Amazing and Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2021:

Plan At-Home Night Party:

It’s been a long everyone is gone through great stress. And there is no other comfortable and best place to spend time with loved ones rather than your home. So, you can plan anything that your lover likes to do in his/her free time.

Have a Cozy hot breakfast in Bed:

Want something incredibly sweet and lovely for your Valentine? Breakfast in bed can be the perfect go-to start the love day and wish for plenty of blessing in the life ahead. You can also make several promises on breakfast with your partner. Decide your Valentine Breakfast menu today such as red velvet pancakes, breakfast pizza, raspberry streusel muffins, doughnuts, peanut butter cookies, cheesy egg toast, and just anything that you can come up with.

Go for a Couples Massage:

Everyone today has a sick busy routine of work. No one gets time to relax and focus on their personal life. Some of the psychologists and relationship experts say if you something romantic and relaxing for each other, it will surely empower your bond. Several spas in the city offer a full day package which includes massage, hot tubs, and indoor polls. Or if you don’t wish to go out or can’t afford the budget, then there is an alternative too. You can fill your bathtub with some essential oils, line up with candles, and don’t forget to arrange favorite music as well as drink.

Try Camping – in Your Backyard:

Pandemic has limited us to our houses but it cannot cease us from enjoying our favorite camping activity. So, just hang around some string lights and grab your cozy couple’s blanket. Fill your couple hot mugs with mulled wine, Irish coffee, or hot chocolate, and just forget everything around a roaring fire pit.

Take your favorite Virtual Class:

For instance, if your partner likes to cook or dance you can assist him/her to learn something new virtually. You can try several recipes together in the Kitchen. For Valentine’s Day’s special eve, it’s recommended to indulge in cooking something sweet. Or just put on your favorite music and practice your favorite moves with your partner.

What is Hidden History of the Day of Romance? Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2021
What is Hidden History of the Day of Romance? Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2021
Valentine’s Day meaning is to celebrate the tradition set by the famous Rome priest. It is also termed as Feast of Saint Valentine celebrated on February 14 throughout the world.
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