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Plan your next Hot Air Balloon Festival Destination to Witness Something Mesmerizing!




Heard a lot about the Hot Air Balloon Festivals, but have even been to such a festival? Don’t know where do these festival occur. Well, there are hundreds of them held all across the United States as well as worldwide. So, no matter where you live, there are always good chances to find some hot air balloon festival near you. If you haven’t even been physical to a festival, but definitely you’ll be familiar with what hot air balloons are. The major point of attraction of the festival is giant colorful balloons rising up in the sky. Besides this, these festivals usually feature their own eclectic mix of local highlights, live music, carnival-style booths of arts and craft, and food trucks. To get mesmerized with giant balloons dancing across a magical landscape, let’s find out where you can anchor your next family outing.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico – The Largest Hot Air Balloon Festival in America:

Being an American, you’d surely attended some kind of hot air balloon festival in your town. But as far as hot air balloon festivals in the USA go, this one of New Mexico is the biggest one. Moreover, people from all over the world make a trip each October to experience one of the most amazing sites on the earth. Nothing else can be better than hundreds of balloons, millions of peoples on the world’s largest beautiful landscape. This largest international event in the United States is named Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and takes place over ten days. The field where the festival sets in is comprised of 78 acres at the Balloon Fiesta Park. In addition to the fun of balloons, food, you’ll be entertained with morning laser shows and mass ascensions, fireworks, car shows, live music, and lots of kid activities. If you planning to visit the town this time especially just for the fest, then here is the best hotel residing option – Native Lodge. This hotel is also named as Artsiest Hotel in the USA for 2018. Why is it best? It features art from local Native American artists along with an indoor-outdoor pool for families make it the best fit for everyone. It will be the 49th Hot Air Balloon Festival in Albuquerque to be held on October 2 -11, 2021. Circle your calendars for early October to enjoy the fest in New Mexico.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Colorado springs:

Want to spend your Labor Day holiday at a better place and take the fun of it also as much as you can? So, head to Colorado Springs for enjoying the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. No matter the hot air balloon festival Colorado takes place on a small side, yet it the longest-running festival in the area. The mesmerizing part of this festival is the unique scenery of hot air balloons on the rugged Rocky Mountains being the fabulous backdrop for 70+ balloons. Adding on more heat to the event is the gorgeous Prospect Lake, where you can enjoy the wakeboarding exhibitions and paddleboarding. Well, if traveling to Colorado for this hot air balloon festival, you head to the Great Wolfe Lodge in Colorado Springs to stay. Here in this hotel, you’ll also enjoy the indoor water park, mini-golf, game room, and family-friendly restaurants. So, it clear that the Hot Air Balloon Colorado Springs Labor Day lift Off will take place over the Labor Day weekend in 2021.

Hot Air Balloon Festival in Arizona – Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair:

To enjoy the beginning of your new year, then Havasu Balloon Festival and Fair is the event you can stop at. Whenever you feel done with the winter, you can just rush to the backdrop of the rugged Arizona peaks reflecting on gorgeous Lake Havasu. This marvelous festival takes place over the weekend of two days of ascensions each day. Many people like to take out their kayaks or boats to watch the balloons over the lake. As soon the balloons are up in the sky the day begins with live music, carnival rides, vendors, and performers. This pleasant sky starts glowing in the evening when all balloons light up in the sky. Planning to live your ending winters as well as saying goodbye in a good way, then head to the Nautical Beachfront Resort on Lake Havasu. Here why this hotel is suggested when you’ve to reside in Arizona because it features a pool, kitchenettes in each room, a gold course, and fabulous activities for the kids. However, the Hot Air Balloon festival in Arizona was canceled in 2021 due to the pandemic situation; we can keep hope from January 2022.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Festival in Turkey:

If you don’t fear up from heights, then you should try the hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia which are not only for the festival purpose. Hot Air Balloons in Turkey are not limited to a festival but they fly for 250 days a year. Therefore, the list of hot air balloon events is incomplete without the stunning view of hot air balloons in Turkey sparkled with a kaleidoscopic view. So, every day more than hundreds of balloons fly in the morning. If you want to fly in one of these balloons, you need to book your advance ride. However, it’s really a big struggle to get yourself a slot but when once you get a slot booked you can experience something that you haven’t ever seen. So, don’t miss the chance to get rewarded with the unique spectacle of Goreme’s “Fairy Chimneys”, also known as the cone-shaped rock formations of Monks Valley.

Hot Air Balloons in NC – Carolina BalloonFest:

The Carolina BalloonFest is open from October 18-20, then no matter whether is rain or shine. A hot air balloon flight is scheduled twice a day once in; early morning and late in the afternoon. Here in the balloon festival comprises pure ballooning activities like static display, tethered rides, and balloon flights. However, the decision to inflate the hot air balloons is made just prior to the scheduled ballooning activity. You can consider yourself lucky if you have been to this hot air balloon festival as the audience to this festival is very limited. The majority of the viewers enjoy ballooning activities online. Moreover, the festival has its Shuttle parking located at 630 N, Main St. Troutman, NC. There is a fact to remember about this event is that as all the ballooning activities are weather dependent, therefore tickets are non-refundable. This nonprofit hot air balloon festival in NC is just like other shows and hosts live, all-day entertainment on 2 stages, a kid zone, artisan and marketplace village, NC wine and craft beer garden, on-site circus, and lots more. The Carolina BalloonFest is held on mid weekends of October.

Hot Air Balloon Festival Temecula – The Balloon and Wine Festival:

The Annual Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival will be carried out at Lake Skinner. Lake Skinner is a Riverside County Park and is placed at 37701 Warren Rd., Winchester, CA 92596. There is an admission fee to the Festival which covers performances but not food or refreshments. The Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival endeavors top-name recreation, wine tasting in the Wine Gardens, Kids Entertainment, Arts & Crafts activities, and Industrial exhibitions, and Food stalls.

Wine tasting emphasizes various premium wines from diverse Temecula Valley wineries as well as other areas from Southern California. Enjoy an exceptional experience and reserve a hot air balloon flight. Your journey will commence at sunrise as the balloon elevates gently into the sapphire skies above Lake Skinner.

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