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How Beneficial is Yoga For Weight Loss?




Yoga a classical way of weight loss has been benefiting people for many years. Yoga for weight loss has been in debate and it has been seen pricing right for many reasons. Let’s find more about yoga and its different rituals.

Meditation has been studied a hundred years ago. It was originated from Buddhism where Buddha performs meditation as a ritual. Is yoga a modern form of ancient meditation? Did buddha perform yoga as meditation?

At the time of the buddha, yoga wasn’t introduced, but meditation was practiced.  Later yoga was introduced by Indians which were already influenced by Buddhism.

You don’t need to go to the gym for yoga, there are Online video yoga classes on many sites. Moreover, there are apps for yoga instructions supported by android or iPhone mobiles, easily accessible.

Yoga for weight loss is highly recommended and searched although yoga has many other benefits.

Best yoga for weight loss

Yoga is based on many asanas. Each asana has its benefit but as a whole, it will be beneficial for your body and mind. It takes some time but with practice and consistency, you will reach the point where you will be able to perform any asana. For more updates visit the Yoga 30-day challenge

Yoga for flexibility

it has been in a debate that yoga is for flexibility rather than for weight loss. The debate might be winning at some point but let’s put our view forward.

Our mind is the strongest organ of our body from a functioning point, we get stressed, happy anxious by the reflex action of the nervous system. Although we cannot control the emotions we can make our mind strong to tackle emotions that can have bad side effects.

Flexibility is achieved by a healthy mind of practicing yoga. It allows your body to bend to the limits normal body is not capable of. Practicing yoga moves daily can make your body strong enough.

Asanas for flexibility

These few asanas will help you out with strong muscles and a flexible body. For more poses like Yoga for back pain click here.

SUPTA PADANGUSTHASANA: lay down on your back and bend your knee towards the chest, hold the toe and raise the leg straight while the other leg stays on the floor

ADHO MUKHA SVANASANA: It’s a downward dog pose where your hamstrings and legs are bends to make them strong and flexible.

ARDHA CHANDRASANA: Balancing your body in a half-moon pose.

GOMUKHASANA: A cow face pose where you cross your legs while your arms are bend backward.

How can we lose weight through yoga?

Yoga first was performed as a ritual but now the ritual has converted into beneficial aspects like yoga for weight loss or yoga for health benefits. How is yoga helping in weight loss? When we perform yoga, our whole body is in contact, every muscle working and getting stronger. This does take time and practice as the poses are not like aerobics or weight lifting that you can adopt in a short time.

Our body looks chubby when our muscles are covered with extra fats. To shed the fats from muscles, we need to perform the following asanas to help yoga for weight loss.




Chaturangadandasana is the best yoga for weight loss. As it targets core muscles which help in belly fat loss. What is the worst nightmare for weight gone? The muffin top which can be decreased by doing plant pose. Hold the plank pose for a minute or two in the beginning then increase the time accordingly that’s how it benefits Yoga for weight loss for beginners.

Bridge pose



Yoga for weight loss has much more to it as this pose is beneficial for health benefits and even to cure thyroid problems. Which is a prove that yoga is not just holding your body to a pose but making your body a power full beneficial source for your health problems

Bow pose



Engage all your body muscles by Dhanurasana bow pose where your abdomen is targeted along with chest and thighs. Your back also gets involved. Blood circulation improves and your abdominal organs get healthy.

Sun salutation



Best pose for health benefits and to lose weight from belly fat. Muscles get strong with back flexibility. Hold this pose for few seconds while holding your breath out and relax upside-down pose.

Side Angle Pose



Extended pose where one side gets a turn of angle with one leg moving forward and your body turns in a full 90 angle.

Four limbed staff pose

Plank yoga for weight lose


Maintain a balance on your tail bone with four-limbed poses. Raise your legs and hand forward forming a V shape pose. Hold and then release benefiting your core and hamstrings engaging.

The Raised Leg Pose Utthanpadasana


Image :


Lay down on the floor and raise your legs, hold it for few seconds and keep on raising high with each time interval of 5 to 10 seconds. This helps reduce the fats on the belly which is the hardest part to weights from. This pose is beneficial for weight loss from legs and making the core stronger.

Chakra Sana Standing Wheel Pose



Yoga for weight loss benefits to losing from the saddlebags. Saddlebags are bulges hanging from the sides of the body from hips sides. Stand straight with legs open a little, bend to one side raising the hand and rotate like a wheel. The stretching from the side of the body makes saddlebags vanish soon.

Virbhadra’s Warrior Pose



Stand like a warrior and raise your hands backward while one of your legs bending forward. This will benefit you lo lose weight from stomach giving strong muscles and strong thigh also it will help in reducing double chin fat as you stretch your head backward with chin holding up.

Forward Bending Padahastasana



Blood circulates from your body to the head within seconds making your mind fresh and your skin glows by the flow of blood. Moreover, bending gives your back-relief pain. for yoga health benefits click here


Yoga for beginners can raise a lot of questions. Some of the questions are answered below.

  1. Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

  • The best part of yoga is losing weight while controlling your body. Yes, you will lose weight if you are consistently doing yoga daily.
  1. How long will it take to lose weight by yoga?

  • It might take 1 to 3 months with healthy eating to lose weight fast during yoga. Although the flexibility might take a long but losing weight might not take much longer.
  1. Which yoga is best for weight loss?

  • Plank pose, bridge pose, raised leg pose are considered to be the best yoga to lose weight, especially from the belly.
  1. How long can I hold my breath during yoga?

  • For beginners holding up to 5 to 10 seconds is adequate. Eventually, you would be able to hold for longer depends on your practice routine
  1. Is it important to hold a pose during yoga?

  • Holding a pose during yoga is about the strength your body is going through during a single yoga pose. It also helps in blood circulation while you hold a pose.
  1. Is yoga better than the gym?

  • Yoga is meditating to relax your mind. Whereas the gym is about building muscles. Comparison takes yoga to a higher level of practice that gives benefits for a life change.
  1. Do I need to go for a diet during yoga practice?

  • Eating healthy is a good habit that will eventually be set up by your mind when you do yoga as your mind will be healthier so will be your habits of eating.


Images Credit : Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

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