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How big is Australia Compared to US




How big is Australia compared to US? Have you ever considered which of the two massive countries is the largest? If yes, we have got the answer here for you. The United States of America is the largest

of the two when it comes to size. Australia has a total land of 7,741,220 square kilometers, whereas the US has an entire land space of 9,833,517 square kilometers. The land Size of Australia compared to United States is different still somewhat close, but the population size differs significantly between Australia and the US. Australia’s population size is 24,806,055, whereas, for the US, it is 327,016,865 that is nearly three times Australia’s population.


So how big is Australia’s Size Compared to US? The US is a country brimming with the population when Australia has fewer people in comparison. It is the reason why Australia encourages immigrations and international students to study in Australia. Australia itself is not a small country, but the US is bigger and more densely populated. The distribution of the population in Australia is pretty uneven too. About 85% of the Australian citizens live near the coast area; it is the main reason beaches are integral to the people and their lives. Australia’s grand size makes it the sixth-largest country, whereas the US is the fourth largest in the world, only next to China.

Is Australia bigger than America as Island Continent?

When comparing Australia’s sceneries to the US, it is undeniable to say that both will offer you unforgettable views & landscapes. But because Australia has less developed inland areas, the drives feel much longer and more rewarding if you enjoy nature. Australia is the only one country on the planet that is also a continent. It is referred to as the “Island Continent” by many. On the other hand, The USA is a country situated in the continent of North America. The US and Canada are both parts of North America, but the term ‘American’ is mostly associated with US citizens only. So, next time you wonder how big is Australia places compared to US, just remember that it is not.

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