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How Famous Arcade Games took over by Console Games




The era of arcade games started in the early 1930s as the first games to arrive in arcade history were mostly coin operated pinball machines. These entertaining games were coin-operated machines, people could only play these games once the coin is been inserted into the machine. Players could enjoy the game as accordingly as the coin is inserted. This idea of arcade games was very surprising and new for most people. That is also one of the main reasons why these games couldn’t make a big hit in the market. But as the years pass by, arcade games got better and better. As the quality and variety of arcade games increases, people started taking interest in these adventure games. In the early 1970s, Arcade games were really popular and were placed mostly in every public business, amusement parks, restaurants and etc.

First Famous Arcade Game “Pinball”

Whenever we talk about arcade games, there is one name that always pops up is the famous classic pinball machine game. Pinball is a typical arcade game in which points are scored by the players controlling balls that are placed in the playing field in a glass-covered cabinet. The main goal of the players in this game was to score as many points as possible. There were more modern Pinball games in which players were given specific tasks to complete the game and earn more points.

“Duck Hunt” Arcade game

In the early 1970s, the technology was much better as compared to the 1930s. There were some big hits in the market. One great example is the light gun shooting games. In such a game, players were given plastic guns and they need to shoot whatever they are asked to shoot on the screen. The most popular game amongst these shooting games was “Duck Hunt”. Duck hunt was a famous arcade game and was not only famous in kids, in fact, but it was also equally popular in grown-ups. The concept of the game was really simple. Players need to hold their plastic guns pointed towards the screen. Ducks were seen flying in all directions and players were asked to shoot them. The more ducks are shot down the more points were awarded to the player.

Golden Period of Arcade Games

As Arcade games were really popular in the late ’90s, there were some more big hits yet to come in the history of amusement games. Modern technology played a major role to make arcade games a huge and profitable market.

The concept of racing amusement games was introduced, this concept was a huge hit. The control of these vehicles in these games was in the hand of the players. Soon after this, developers thought if they can make a game with a steering wheel, then why not make a game with the control of an aircraft. Soon after this though there were many aircraft games that were released. Not all of them were popular but some were considered really good at that time. Pac man was also amongst the hits of arcade games. Pac Man was loved by every kid of that time.

Capcom In Arcade Games

At this time most of the arcade games were loved by the kids. But as the capcom introduced the street fighter series in amusement games, its popularity grew even more in grow-ups as well. After the huge success of street fighter and aggressive fighting game nature, many games started popping up like Mortal Kombat, king of fighter and the list go so on.

Arcade Games vs Console Games

Arcade games are not much popular nowadays, in fact, they are rarely present at any business, amusement parks, restaurants and etc. On the other hand, console games took the market by storm in the early 2000s. Console games are the form of video games that include different images created by a video game console displayed on the TV or any other audio-video system. In Console games there is a controller connected to a console, this controller is a handheld device having different buttons and analogue joysticks. Console games were easily played in the household so it was an easy option for everyone. There were many reasons for the increasing popularity of console games over arcade games, consoles games were much cheaper, they were easily played at home instead of going to any amusement games center or public business, amusement parks, restaurants and etc. The drop of arcade games was so fast and great that many arcade centers were closed and amusement games were removed from all the malls and etc.

Some famous console games we have are Nintendo, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, and the list goes on. The games which were developed for the console have much better graphics, sound, and visuals as compare to old arcade games.

Some famous console games in recent years are Grand theft auto, Fortnite, the god of war and etc. Console game’s popularity can easily be counted as there are tournaments being held for them. People from all over the world participate in such tournaments. Gamers nowadays are so much into console games that they eagerly wait for their new editions to launch. Some famous console games are expected to launch in 2021.

Arcade games or Console Games, one thing that remains constant is the enjoyment players get from it. Whether it’s console or arcade, both of them have promoted a healthy lifestyle and it also helped the player to make a quick and better decision.

How Famous Arcade Games took over by Console Games
How Famous Arcade Games took over by Console Games
The era of arcade games started in the early 1930s as the first games to arrive in arcade history were mostly coin operated pinball machines.
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