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How much does a Friesian Horse costs to be the Pride of your Farm?




The first when Friesian horse caught the sight was when I visited my friend’s home who just recently moved to the town. It was not something that I saw a horse for the first time, I grew up around the horses. But that horse was something I’ve never seen before. Those horses were as black as night and seemed to be a horse out from some fairy tale. These horses are actually Friesian Horses densely located in the Netherlands. Beauty and grace increase their demand widely all over the world. Thus, just after a single glance at them, everyone begs the question how much Friesian Horses cost? Here is everything you need to know about them before purchasing one.

What are Friesian Horses? Are Friesian horses always black?

Originally Friesian Horses are the natives of Friesland, Holland a province situated in the Netherlands. If we’ve got a look at early horses, they were bay or grey in color. However, several breeding practices now only come in one recognized color “Black”. Furthermore, the color of Friesian Horses has qualified by 3 recognized shades. Another feature that makes them stand out is the occasional exception of star facial marking located just on the forehead of their horse.

The Friesian Horses breed was reintroduced into North America in 1974. They’re actually crossbred with other breeds causing the North American Friesians to lose their pureblood form. Thus, currently there only 8000 Friesians nearly in North American.

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These are not the horses that are used for domestic purposes. Generally, they are used in horse show competitions, dressage, and driving pleasure. They’re so beautiful and eye-catching that everyone takes pride in show-off their beauty.

How much do Friesians Horses Cost?

If we talk about the purebred of pedigreed Friesian Horses and those who are approved by the Friesian Horse Association North America (FHANA), their price ranges from $19,900 – $47,900 and even more.

Whereas, the pricing of the Friesian Horses that are older, younger, and lack a special designation have lower prices. For a trained mare in the mid-life a Friesian horse costs only $3000. However, at times you might also be asked to pay $5,000 for some senior mare. The estimated Friesian Horse price for a three-year-old gelding is $6,000.

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How to determine the price of Friesian Horses?

The price of the horses varies based on multiple factors such as breed, temperament, types, etc. the price varies. Here are those factors that widely affect the purchase price of the horses:

  • Special Designation: Friesian horses with a special kind of studbook designation are most prized.
  • Registered Breeds: FHANA authorized Friesian registers are recognized globally. FHANA’s parent organization is Friesch Paarden Stamboek from the Netherlands (FPS).
  • Breed Rarity: Just like Friesians are pretty rare in the United States, they are rarely found all around the world. Therefore, while buying a Friesian Horse make sure it is a true purebred by asking for the papers from the owner.
  • The temperament of the Horses: Horses usually fall into primary designation as cold-blooded, warm-blooded, and hot-blooded animals. However, it doesn’t actually affect the temperature of the horses but has to do with their temperament instead.
  • Type of Friesian Horse: Mainly, there are two types of purebred of Friesians; sport and baroque. However, some of the breeders also say that there is a third kind of breed – the modern Friesian breed.
  • Gender of the Friesian: All though all Friesians are highly demanded all over the world, but for experienced breeders and true Friesians enthusiasts, the stallions are more important within the breed. More often, a higher price is paid for “Him” than either a gelding or a mare.
  • Size of Friesian: The FPS standard, states that a Friesian mare should be standing 1.5 meters tall by its first birth. Whereas a stallion stands 16.0 meters tall. When Friesian horses fall on these merits they’re often sold at higher prices.
  • Age Factor: There’re some health-related issues that only occur after the horses become enough mature. Its often seen that the young Friesian horses purebred for sale at a good price is unbelievably good to be true.
  • Color of the Friesians: Basically all the true Friesian Horses are black in color. There is a small white star on their forehead which only permitted white. However, due to sweat or sunburn, for some this turns dark brown.
  • High Trained Friesian Horses: No matter what color, size, age the Friesians are, the trained Friesian horses take the mark to have a higher price than an untrained horse.

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So, regardless of the factors affecting how much does a Friesian horse costs. All of them are highly demanded all over the world. The people who have deep pockets take no shame to spend on purchasing a splendid Friesians to the charm of their stables.

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