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How to Apply Ceramic Coating on Your Car?




As a car owner, you would want to keep your car always clean and shining. However, with time and due to external factors, the overall look and visual appeal of your car might dampen. In order to ensure that your beloved car stays in top notch condition for the longest time, you need to take the assistance of a few techniques. Out of all the different methods about How to Apply Ceramic Coating, one that stands out in today’s time is ceramic coating. Over the past few years, ceramic coatings have grown in popularity. So, if you are among those who are looking to put the ceramic coating on your car, then the below mentioned steps can help you.

Applying Ceramic Coating – Start with the Preparation Work

Before you begin applying the ceramic coating, it is important that you do proper prep work. Every manufacturer has their recommendations when it comes to undergoing the ceramic coating process, however, the general steps that need to be performed are quite the same. Firstly, you need to start by washing your car. This will remove any sort of dirt, grime, and all the major debris. The best way to remove debris is to implement the clay bar treatment. This will create high grade hydrophobic properties on the paint of your car reducing the water spots and keeping it clean. Now once you are done with these steps, you would want to fix any damages to the paint of your car. Also, finally, you should wash your entire car with an Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) solution. This will leave your car completely clean before you get started with applying the ceramic coating.

Apply the Ceramic Coating

After completing the prep work, now it’s time to start applying the ceramic coating. In order to get the best results, it is advisable to apply it on a surface that is clean and smooth. The temperature should range from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You need to ensure that while applying the coating, the vehicle is in shade and not in direct sunlight.

Curing Process – To Avoid Ceramic Coating Gone Wrong

As every ceramic coating is unique, it is advisable to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer for the curing process. The initial product will take a few minutes to bond to the paint surface. However, the product will take some time to fully cure.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It – Take Proper Care

After you are done with the curing process, you will be able to go about the ceramic coating process. You should wash your car bi-weekly that will avoid the possibility of building up any excessive contamination. Also, avoiding washing in direct sunlight will minimize streaking and water spotting.

Summing Up

The above mentioned points will guide you about the ways to apply the ceramic coating on your car. In order to get the best results, you should take the assistance of a ceramic coating manufacturer. As this is a long term investment, choosing the best ceramic coating for cars manufacturer will help you save quite a few of your dollars.

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