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How to Audition for American Idol




Are You Looking for Auditions of American Idol?

American Idol is the single most popular reality show for aspiring singers to try their luck and stand out. The show debuted in 2002 and has 18 seasons today with no sign of it coming to an end. In almost no time, American Idol became a pop culture canon, and rightfully so. The show brings many talented individuals to the limelight by kick-starting their singing career in an effectively entertaining way. Its popularity was so wide-reaching that it expanded to other countries as well. Today we have Indian Idol, Brazilian Idol, and many more. A new season of American Idol drops almost every year with a variety of judges and new interesting participants from all across the United States of America. It is also noteworthy that American Idol is the show that inspired almost every other singing and dancing reality show that we see on television today. In previous seasons, contestants would apply for participation via the state-wise tour of the American Idol team. After passing the audition stage, the best participants would be short-listed in the top 10, and the last standing contestant takes the crown after gradual eliminations.

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American Idol had a total renewal at ABC channel after its exit from Fox. The American Idol 2020 was, therefore, titled season 1. Right after season 1, the pandemic grew at a tremendous rate that led people to believe that season 2 will be delayed. But it didn’t! ABC is going to hold a season 2 in 2021, and the news has left many people wondering about how to audition for American Idol during a pandemic and frequent lockdowns. Well, the producers came up with a nice solution for those who are interested in taking part in the show this time.

Like almost every other operation in the world right now, American Idol is taking the digital route of Zoom meetings and live virtual interviews. We are not sure about the later rounds with the top 10, but at least this is how they will start with the auditions this time around. The live virtual auditions are happening now as I am writing this as a matter of fact. If you are wondering how to audition for American Idol, go to here now and sign up for the virtual audition on their official website. They even have an option for pre-recorded audition tapes if you are not able to attend the live audition. We would also suggest you to hurry up as the open call auditions are closing soon.

With the ongoing pandemic, it is highly unlikely to see the show happening on a real set. The show will most likely stay to the online platform for at least half of its run-time, which means there are no long waiting queues and traveling distances to cover. It is as easiest as it can get for aspiring singers to try their luck. Just go to the website link we have mentioned above and click on the ‘CLICK HERE TO AUDITION’ button. This is literally how to audition for American Idol this year.

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