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How to calculate a percentage? 

In the context of subject Mathematics, the term percentage is a number or ratio that indicates a portion of 100. In general, it’s denoted by the signs of ‘%’ or ‘per’ or ‘percent’. It is very significant due to describing the conditions having large numbers, average and acute little numbers as well, for example, probabilities for winning the lottery, concerning the final grade of the whole year course program and volumetric proportion nitro-oxygen in the air, expressing by PPM (parts per million).

One percent is a hundredth:

It refers that 7 percent is similar to 7%, 7 pct, 0.07, 7/100, or seven-hundredths.

Concerning percentage problems, there are many ways through which we can solve the problems. All the means to solve problems based on various formulas. In general, we all think the only formula to calculate a percentage is A/B=Zx100. Here the uppercase alphabet is denoted by the term numerator and the lowercase alphabet is the denominator. The sign (/) is representing the division factor and the symbol (=) is equal to means what the answer we obtained after solving the problem. Then the Z alphabet is referred to as a Variable. Now just do multiply the obtained answer with the number 100.

These three formulas are mathematical variations for finding the percentage. For further exploration, let’s talk about how these formulas are responsible for obtaining the accurate percentage in detail with the help of examples. Make sure, the alphabets used here are just for your understanding. There is no hard and fast rule to use the same alphabets for every problem. You may be select or use such alphabets that are of your choice. Heading towards how to calculate a percentage? let’s suppose, here the alphabet A and B are the numbers, and Z is denoted as the percentage.

Mathematical variations for finding the percentages:

  1. Let Find Z percent of A (Z%*A=B)
  2. Find what percent of A is B (B/A=Z%)
  3. So Find A if Z percent of it’s B

How to find the percentage of the number through applying the formula Z% * A = B

Let’s this discussed with the help of the example. Suppose the numerical given is, what is 20% of 70?

  • Through applying the % formula, do convert the numerical into an equation form: Z%*A=B
  • Here Z is 20% and A is 70. Then, the equation becomes 20%*70=B
  • Convert 20% to a decimal by eliminating the percent symbol and then dividing by 100: 20/100=0.20
  • Placing 0.20 for 20% in the equation: 20%*70=B becomes 0.20*70=B
  • By solving this we get 0.20*70=14. So, the value of B is 14.
  • Hence, 20% of 70 is 14.

How to find the percentage of A is B through applying the formula B/A=Z%

Suppose the numerical given is, what percent 50 of 14?

  • Through applying the % formula, do convert the numerical into an equation form: B/A=Z%
  • Here A is 50 and B is 14. Then, the equation becomes 14/50=Z%
  • By solving these numbers, we get, 14/50=0.28
  • The answer we obtain is always in decimal form. Now, we multiply this answer with the number 100 to obtain the percentage. So, do convert 0.28 to a percent: 0.28*100=28%
  • Hence 28% of 15 is 14.

How to calculate A if Z percent pf it’s B. Applying the percentage formula B/Z%=A

Suppose the numerical given, 35 is 30% what number?

  • Through applying the % formula, do convert the numerical into an equation form: B/Z%=A
  • Here B is 35 and Z% is 30. Then, the equation becomes 35/30%=A
  • Convert the percentage into decimal points by dividing it by 100.
  • By converting 30% into a decimal: 30/100=0.30
  • Do substitute 0.30 for 30% in the equation: 35/0.30=116.66
  • Hence the value of A is 116.66

Some factors to keep in mind:

  1. How to convert a percentage into a decimal?

Eliminate the percentage symbols and divide them by 100. Simply, like 12.3%=0.123

2.How to convert a decimal into a percentage?

Do multiply by 100 and then just add a percentage symbol. Like 0.567=0.567*100=56.7


So, these are some methods for how to calculate a percentage? Now, after getting the understanding factors of each mathematical percentage equation you will be able to solve all the relevant problems.

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