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How to US Celebrate Weddings In Coming Years – Top 10 US local Trends



Celebrate Weddings have come to a halt in the year 2020 around the world—all due to the ongoing pandemic. Due to strict recommendation of social distancing, many weddings got postponed in the US. Some knot ties this year with a very intimate gathering to make sure they are following the protocols. However, as the majority of weddings couldn’t happen this year, expect a great flow in the year 2021. If you happen to be one of those unlucky couples who couldn’t go through with the wedding plan this year, we got you covered. First of all, consider this break a positive thing as you just got some more time to plan. The News Engine brings you a list of top 10 US local trends that you must know about to make your special day more memorable.

Making beautiful memories with family and friends is at the heart of a traditional American wedding. Wedding experts are predicting that following classic wedding style will be trending in 2021. Such weddings are known for conventional wedding speeches, dresses that are etched in time and fragrances that will make you nostalgic.

  • Gratitude:

According to Claire Berry, founder of Perfect Cartel, weddings in the upcoming years will have more gratitude. People should ideally use this day to reflect on the 12 months of isolation and be grateful for making it through. You can show love and appreciation for being able to gather again as family and friends. Making thank you cookies or writing kind notes on the seats of beloved guests like grandparents will be a nice gesture.

  • More Entertainment:

Ashleigh Li from Pink Palms Events said that couples had shown a rising interest in Entertainment side of the weddings. As cabin fever has struck more people in the present situation, having live entertainment like tarot readers or comedians is expected to be in high demand.

  • Eco-Friendly:

Couples are also requesting for more eco-friendly weddings recently. A single wedding venue emits as much CO2 as five people will produce in one year. Experts estimated these dangerous states at Holkham Hall. Fortunately, people are becoming more aware and responsible. Thus, there have been some very successful eco-friendly weddings lately. This trend is expected to grow exponentially due to the benefits. Activities like tree planting by guests, use of local vegetables and meat and avoiding carbon-emitting items are central to this idea.

  • Classic ’70s:

This one is very close to our previous selection. The ’70s was a time of simple, sustainable, locally sourced and traditional weddings. Claire at Perfect Cartel says that people are coming back to more simplistic ways to make weddings more economical and non-extravagant.

  • Wedding Dresses:

A wedding topic without wedding dresses is not complete. Phillipa said that Duchesse Satin Dresses are getting a lot of eyes due to their classic and luxurious look. Since many weddings are expected to take place in spring and summer, strapless dresses are expected to dominate the market.

  • Micro Weddings:

Micro wedding is a term used for weddings that allow less than 20 guests. Before 2020, people would see this type of marriage as a small budget private affair. But this has been THE WAY to conduct weddings that were held during the pandemic. People are expected to continue following this trend as an epidemic has given enough time to reflect on its effectiveness. It is more cost-effective; also, the couple will only share their special day with people who are the most important—making 2021 weddings ‘authentic ones’ as described by Katherine from Arabian Tent Company.

  • Menus with Locavore:

Janes from Bubble Food thinks British produced seasonal foods will be in high demand in the coming years. This insight was based on a rise in the need for ‘Locavore’ menus by many couples recently.

  • Inclusive Menus:

Menus are becoming more inclusive of guests needs. Couples are trying to make their special day great for everyone who joins them. Reception menus from 2020 have started to include vegetarian, vegetarian with nut allergy boxes and a range of cuisines.

  • Self-serve refreshments:

This one is another growing trend that includes a dispenser mounted on a wall. Having speciality garnishes and pour-over drinks bar that lets guests make their versions of the perfect cocktail is being cherished.

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