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How to do a Hanging Indent – Indent Creation Guide




Your teacher announced an essay assignment in APA style and required you to write using a hanging indent. Now you might be wondering how to do a hanging indent? What does it mean in the first place? A creation of hanging indent in word is a very common feature used in writing tools. It is a paragraph writing option that lets you choose the position from where a new paragraph begins.

Now there are 2 types of indents; first line indent and hanging indent. First line starts at a word’s gap from the left side of screen, whereas make the hanging indent allows the new paragraph to start exactly from the left. Since many people use Word, they are familiar with as part of their academic work like thesis projects. But what if you don’t have Word? Maybe you are using a different software or a different platform altogether.

You don’t need to worry, as I have listed the most commonly used platforms and software applications where you might have to use the informative topic for you in this article.

How to do a hanging indent on Word

It is okay. You can be a total rookie and don’t know anything about the edits you want at all, even on Word. How to create a hanging indent on Microsoft Word, you ask? It is simple, open the word document, go to the Paragraph tab and click on dialog launcher (it’s the small downwards arrow box). A dialog screen will pop-up and show you the ‘Indentation’ section. Expand the options under ‘Special’ and click on ‘Hanging,’ then click on ‘Ok’ and you are all set. This is how to do a hanging indent on pages of Word.

How to do a hanging indent on PowerPoint

We know now about the Word, but how to create an indent on PowerPoint? It is exactly the same as on Word. Luckily, there is no difference in the interface of Office tools despite their varying uses. Just like Word, you need to go to the dialog box in the Paragraph section and choose the ‘Hanging’ option from the Special menu. Don’t forget to click on ‘Ok’ as you close the dialog box.

How to do a hanging indent on Google Docs

If you don’t use Word, you might be asking how to do a hanging indent on Google Docs. Well, it is a bit complex than Word for no good reason, but it is what it is. You need to select the text you want to place, drag the small inverted triangle in light blue color at the ruler bar. Stop it at the point you want hanging indent in Google Docs/Drive to begin, now drag the light blue rectangle, which is the First Line indent, to the left margin, and your indent has been created.

How to do a hanging indent on Google Slides

I will give the same advice to those wondering how to do a hanging indent on Google Slides as I did to those on Microsoft PowerPoint. Since the parent company is same, Google Slides uses the same mechanism for indent placement as the Google Docs.

How to do a hanging indent on mac

Well, install Word on your mac system. This is literally the best way if you are wondering how to do a hanging indent on mac. There is support of Microsoft Office on both operating systems, so make your life easy and use Word on your Mac. Similarly, Google Docs will work just as fine on mac. You can use it too. Both of these software are exactly the same on Mac, so you just have to follow the above-mentioned steps.

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