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How to do a Reverse Image Search in Seconds




Reverse image search is a poignant tool for marketers and SEO experts to both implement and avoid intellectual property claims. How to do a reverse image search, though? Do you even need this tool? If yes, where is it available? These questions might seem a little outdated at this point to those who have a good idea of this concept. But there are still many people who are reading the term for the first time. These might be new employees starting their career in marketing, private business owners just starting their digital journey, or the newly enrolled IT students.

Reverse Image Google Search

This article will give you a decent guide on what is a reverse image search, how to do a reverse image search, and the right tools to do a reverse image search. A reverse image search is a concept of searching the origin or the original source of an image on the internet. The idea is to identify the source and cite it if you are using the picture in your work. Thus, avoiding any claim of intellectual property theft by the official owner of the picture. Note that proper citation of the source means you must contact and seek permission from the owner rather than simply mentioning the source. You can still enter an intellectual property dispute if you just merely cited the origin.

At the other end of the spectrum, official owners of the image can also search for the digital locations where the image is being used. It helps them keep a check of any unauthorized usage of the picture and also make sure the competitors are not using their intellectual property or using similar images. It is a frequent practice in the marketing field; if you are an aspiring marketer, it will benefit you to learn. Reverse image search Google is arguably the best to practice.

How to do a reverse image search

A reverse image search is easier than ever, all thanks to the expansion in the web technology. The entire process is just a few clicks away at pretty much all the platforms. These steps are also the same in all the platforms I will mention later on, with very minor differences.

These are the steps on how to do a reverse image search:

  1. Go to the image search engine of your choice.
  2. Upload a picture or paste the image URL in the search bar (reverse image search copy paste)
  3. Click on the ‘search’ button.

That is it; you will get to the source of the image in just a three steps process. Initially, you could only do the reverse image search on a desktop. But now, it is available on both Android and iOS mobile systems. The abundance of media content on the internet today has made reverse image search all the more important. It makes the tracking process for both the creator and the user of an image easier. As a result, the chances of IP theft have been controlled tremendously. Most of the top-performing reverse image search tools are completely free of cost. Now that you know how to do it, here is a list of tools that you can utilize at no cost.

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List of Reverse Image Search Tools

Google Image Search: Super simple and totally free!

Bing Visual Search: Easy to use & compatible with all browsers

Pinterest Visual Search Tool:  The “crazy-fun image search tool.”

Yahoo Image Search: Still exists

Picsearch: Defines itself as the “innovative image search tool.”

Getty Images: The largest popular stock photo site has more to offer

TinEye Reverse Image Search: The advanced image recognition tool!

PREPOSTSEO: The free image lookup tool

Yandex: Reverse image search Yandex is the best for finding similar images to your search

Reverse Image Search on Android

For a very long time, reverse image search on android was not available. Now it is a proper function available on Google Chrome for android. Very simple, open Chrome, tap on the image you want to search the source for, and hold until a pop-up screen shows up. Then tap the ‘Search Google for this Image,’ and it will start the search. Remember that this guide is for Google Chrome only.

Image Search iPhone

Reverse image search on iPhone is also very easy. Just go to Google doc and subscript Images via your browser. If it is Safari, tap on the share icon. Choose ‘Request Desktop View’ from the pop-up options and then tap on the camera icon in the search bar. If you are on Chrome browser, tap on the dotted lines instead of the share icon, and the rest of the steps are the same.

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