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How to do a Screenshot – Easy Guide for Windows Mac IOS Android




Taking a screenshot has become one of the handiest tools among the young adults and teens who are actively chatting and exchange messages with each other all day long. But screenshots can be used in many more ways than to share goofy conversations with your friends, and most of you would already know about it, but there are still some who don’t.  This article is for those who still struggle with the user interface of many modern technologies and don’t know about the benefits of screenshots, let alone how to do a screenshot.

Pretty much every digital platform we have today comes with an in-built feature of a ‘screenshot.’ A screenshot is the picture of your screen display that you can share with others in your community or use for your own benefit. What you can do with it is the next step; how you do it is what is more important for you to learn first.

List of Operating System to Capture Screenshot

I am going to list down all the mainstream devices and operating systems we have today in use, where can be captured and shared.

Android Smartphone/Tab: In an android system, a screenshot can be captured easily by pressing the Volume Down and power button together.

iOS Smartphone/iPad: In an iOS, press the Side button and Volume Up button at the same time in the Face ID models. Use Side button and Home button in Touch ID models and if it is a Touch ID model with a Top button, hold them both together to capturet.

Windows PC: Taking a screenshot on a Windows PC faster is as simple as opening the ‘Snipping Tool.’ Simply type the tool’s name in the Windows search bar and click on the ‘New’ button to select and capture the picture of your screen.

Mac: Just press Shift+ Command+3 on the keyboard, and a screenshot will be captured in your gallery.

A screenshot comes very handy when you want to save an important text without having to copy/paste it. It doesn’t have to be a text message; it can be instructions on how to build something, a recipe, or an important piece of news. Saving screen shot of conversations is also an excellent way to keep an evidence if someone has crossed you or if a crime has been committed.

The Other Best way for Screenshot today is “LightShot”

LightShot Download for ScreenShot Download here

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