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How to do Spoilers on Discord




Started in Reddit’s footsteps, Discord soon became a stronghold of the gaming community to interact, communicate, and share with each other. Today, it is widely popular for holding discussions, text messages, video calls, voice calls, and sharing files and media in private chats called “servers.” Recently, spoiler tags were introduced on Discord to guide people on how to do spoilers on Discord. It is a very easy method, so let us get right into it.

How to do spoiler tags in Discord

The spoiler tags feature allows you to mark spoilers discord the individual words and phrases in a message or even the entire message as a spoiler. How to use spoilers tags on Discord, though? The effortless way to do it is by selecting the part containing spoilers and clicking on the eye icon. Once mark it, the text will have two bars front and back of the selected message.

If you like to favor your keyboard more, you can also tag the spoilers in a message manually. The manual way is the keyboard way here. Just how to use spoilers on discord markdown syntax ||type spoiler|| or you can also write typing/ spoiler at the start of the message. Note that you can always click and have a peek at the spoiler part. Next question is how to hide spoilers on discord? You can also re-hide it by clicking again.

How to do spoilers in discord android

But how to do spoilers in discord android? Again, it is a fairly simple thing to do. You can use the markdown syntax ||type spoiler|| on your android version of how to make spoilers in discord. It works just fine for the embedded links as well. The iOS users can select the text, tap it for context menu options, and choose Mark as Spoiler option to wrap the text.

How to do spoiler image discord

Above mentioned methods are for the text, but how to do spoiler image discord? Marking pictures and images on Discord requires you to click on the Mark as Spoiler option before clicking on the upload. But what if you are on a smartphone and wondering how to do spoiler images on discord mobile? Unfortunately, discord spoiler image mobile function is only available on the desktop version for now. Technology Related Topics

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