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How to Draw the USA – Geographical Boundaries



The United States of America is a habitat of varied biomes, uneven geographical boundaries, and an overwhelming amount of states. Thus, many emerging artists wonder how to draw the USA map; it is an attempt of master level expertise. Many people have difficulty drawing the map because it is hard to accurately realize those edges. Similarly, some people find it difficult to draw the states inside the map with equal lengths and distance. It is hard but at the same time, it is one of the most funs to make country maps. In this piece, you will understand how to draw the USA map correctly.

To draw the map of US, you will need a sketch paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Make sure your room is well-lit and have a sample map that you can compare your drawing with. The very first rule here is to define a size of the map. Once you know what size would fit your drawing, draw light shaded blocks on the paper. These lines are a good way to make sure all the parts of your sketch are levelled properly. Now start drawing the boundaries of the map first. Make sure you are utilizing all the blocks to get a cohesive look throughout the map. Take account of any inconsistencies and correct them all until your drawing looks like a whole wide patch of a continent.

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Now is the time for drawing the states. The trick here is to identify and draw singular lines that are connecting from one edge of the map to the next. Make sure you don’t miss any single line; it is a crucial step in getting all the states right. Now that you have connected all edges, break down every line based on the state shape and size in every area. Start from the biggest states first, then gradually move towards the smaller ones and, in the end, draw the surrounding islands. Congratulations, you have now learned how to draw the USA map. Time to impress your friends!

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