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Sweetly Unique Custom Cakes in USA Love to Eat




A custom cake is such a type of cake that requires more work and effort than a regular cake. It includes extra-ordinary fondants, toppings, and most importantly creative. However, they are not at all similar to ordinary birthday cakes from any angle. The origin of sweetly unique custom cakes was in Rome when an unexpected wedding custom cake appeared Infront of guests that made them scramble to take some good clicks. Today, several custom cake bakers to stand ahead have made a record of the biggest cakes ever. You cannot even say all the custom cakes in usa are alike because different types of custom cakes vary from others in the different prospectus. Customization of cakes is highly based on the occasion the cake is required for. Picking up crumbs of custom cakes at the various event, boosted us to score for custom cakes in usa. Whereas, those who just got the chance only to view custom party cakes at bakeries or anywhere else. They got popups stuffed in heads that either these custom cakes are edible or not?

So, custom cake and everything related to them in a long run. Don’t worry you are not going to left behind with so many misassumptions or confusion. Just continue to study custom cakes their history, types, an occasion for, custom cakes near me, etc. all in dept in this article below.

The outset of Custom Cakes- never revealed before!

Custom Cakes are originally the art of decorating cakes with was first started in the 17th century in Europe. In 1840, temperature control and baking powder gave more emphasis to improving the finishing looks and presentation of cakes. Consequently, cakes became fancier by adoring them with different elements, additional icing, colored features, various shapes, layering of cakes, etc. Every cake bakery in the area was seen putting all their efforts to make their custom cake attract more customers and get sold the most. As it is a natural fact every person gets more attracted to beautiful things. However, we cannot find any official answer about who specifically first started decorating cakes.

However, cake decoration has been the major since its advent as it the center of every occasion. Moving on towards the present concerns and demand for decoration of cakes. Cakes are seen worldwide on various occasions. To bring variation or essence of the theme on the cake as well. They started to do such type of decorations that make the cake customized for the event. Thus, these decorated cakes according to the theme or occasion friendly are known as Custom Cakes. With the passage of time, the advent of new technology and elements made the custom cakes at an extreme level.

Types of Decoration to make Custom Cake: 

As briefed about the custom cake that is the eye-catching element of every event either that is a birthday or a wedding ceremony. There different edible ingredients and safe plastic material to adore the cake. So, get to know which part of the cake is edible or not.



  • The sugar paste that gives the base for the color variation in a custom cake is known as Fondant. It is very easy to handle after getting prepared whereas, it can be rolled with the cornstarch to make it smooth and prevent sticking to any unwanted area. After making it smooth and even, the artist of the custom cake can cut it, mold it, or do anything to impact its expressions. Mostly, fondant is used to cover the whole sponge of cake or different layers to make distinction prominent between them.
  • Marzipan is the alternative for the fondant to cover the base of custom cakes. However, you would rarely see it being used in custom cakes as fondant is more preferred.
  • A quick-drying, edible, and brittle material– Gum Paste is used to sculpt different models and designs. Gum Paste is widely preferred as it is getting dried quickly and maintains its state.
  • A chocolate paste is made by melting chocolate and mixing it with corn, glucose, or golden syrup is known as Modelling chocolate. Seems a very tasty thing right! Anyways let see what it is used for. Modeling Chocolate can also be made with white dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate. It is slightly softer than the fondant and marzipan. Thus, it forms a variety of shapes and structures very easily.

Edible Picture Custom Cake- safe or not:


After the evolution of edible ink and edible sheets gave rise to the idea of creating pictures and photographs on cakes. The customer began to demand their personal pictures on cakes, or of famous animated created. There are special machines that can create pictures with edible ink of confectionery products such as cookies, pastries, and cakes. This edible paper is made of starches and sugar, then it is printed with edible food color. However, the bakers offering this edible picture custom cakes in usa hold all the consideration at foremost heed because it is a very sensitive activity as it involves various machines and equipment.

Edible Picture Custom Cake- safe or not? The answer is yes, as you have observed that the picture sheet on the cake getting cut with the knife. Whereas, ordinary pictures in frames are hard. Moreover, the departments of the FDA have also approved the ingredients used in the manufacturing of ink and sheet.

However, all these are just some basic ingredients used in making custom cakes. As the more detailing and complicated decoration you want, the more small and latest materials are used in satisfying the customer completely.

Occasions for Custom Cakes:

A custom cake is such a cake in which you make your imagination come true or ask the bakers to make such a custom cake that suits the taste and theme of the event. Thus, all it shows that all the custom cakes are unique as they are not copied from any sample, instead they are created. Sweetly unique custom cakes do not focus more on their representation than the flavor. Because the decoration of custom cakes is to symbolize any special event or personality of the customer.

Some of the events that have ‘Custom Cake’ as their main focus and attractive paramount of the event. So, here are the occasions for custom cakes in usa to water the mouth of all the guests;

Wedding Cakes:


As the concept of cakes started from a wedding ceremony in Rome and so the creativity and decorative attraction made them more popular. Another reason to have the most incredible and unique cake at a wedding is that this event in most cases just comes once in a person’s life. Thus, a fancy and large custom cake is considered as the best good luck giving for to new couple. However, the couple can customize it according to the color theme or their personal interest.

Birthday Cakes:


Birthday is another special day of everyone’s life, no matter comes every year once. Birthdays are marked incomplete without a birthday custom cake. Whether that is a kid or an adult, they have their own interest and favorites. So, for kids, people mostly prefer to customize the cake based on the theme of the kid’s favorite animation. Whereas, for the adults is it may be customized according to their favorite hobby or their favorite personality. It’s totally up to the customer what kind of decoration they want to be done. There are also many more interests of the people that can be reflected by the custom cakes.

Anniversary Cakes:


Anniversary is the time to celebrate how long the bond of the relationship have been completed. Whereas, certain organizations also celebrate anniversaries to enjoy the joy of achievements received in certain years of work. To make the event more delight and refresh the golden memories of that certain day people cut the custom cake with their loved ones.

Celebrate Achievements Cakes:


There often comes moments of achievements in people’s life. to make them memorable, there are many parties thrown. So, to make the celebration specific to the achievement, the cakes are customized based on the type of achievement.

Baby Shower Ceremonies Cakes:


It is the event to present a warm welcome to the new upcoming guest in the family. For sure, there are certain reasons behind this event by the family member, especially for the mother of the unborn baby. A custom cake symbolizing the happiness of the family members fulfils the purpose of showering blessings.

Expressing Gratitude:

Thanksgiving is very important in a person’s life to be grateful to the Almighty for all his blessing and rewards. The happiness of the event goes to an extreme level when a custom cake is added to symbolize thanksgiving.

  • Farewell Parties Cakes:

Organizations as well as friends most of the time throw farewell parties for their head or friend departing. They plan several exciting and entertaining activities. However, to end the celebrations and say good-bye in a delighting way, cutting a custom cake with shake opening the wine.

  • Christmas Cakes:

The most awaited celebration of the year. Every kid and adult wait for this event. Most commonly people plan for a huge gathering between the family and friends for dinner. And then a customized cake according to the delight of eve is the perfect sweet dish.

  • Halloween Cakes:

We all are familiar with scary horror festivals falling in autumn. People get their make-overs to suit the norms of the festival. Moreover, the floor decides for the celebrations are also decorated with the relevant accessories. So, to make the cake also go with the colors of the festival, you can customize cakes.

Therefore, you cannot stay restricted to the above-mentioned occasions for custom cakes. You can customize the cakes for any of the events or festivals. It is totally on the customer to demand the type of cakes they want. They can shape it, color it, grow it, etc. so anything with the cake of your desire.

So, go with the trend by customizing the cake for the upcoming next event from the bakers near you. Oh, always remember that not every baker has the ability to customize cakes creatively.

Score all the Custom Cakes near me:

For getting a custom cake in the next upcoming event in your family or nationwide, you have to book the order for getting your dreamt custom cake right on time. Besides being beautiful and attractive in looks it requires plenty of effort as well as time. Don’t be late in getting the lush custom cake for the next event, just know which bakers to opt for and brief your desire:

  • Las Vegas Custom Cakes in Las Vegas:

If you live in Las Vegas , then it’s quite obvious with this family-owned bakery. They stand in a good position with good rating and reviews by their patrons. In addition, they have a wide network of consumers as they allow them to hand the theme and designs of the cake in the friendliest way. To be more precise with their address:  5243 W Charleston Blvd #7, Las Vegas, NV 89146. Or visit their website to have an idea of their artwork.


  • Kriebel’s Custom Bakery in Pennsylvania:

The famous local family-owned bakeshop offers artisanal pastries, desserts, and custom-made cakes. You can have proof of their professionalism as they own 4.5 rating stars on Google reviews. Thus, they have several happy consumers all over. They are located in Pennsylvania accurately at 3140 West, Ridge Pike, Eagleville, PA 19403. As everyone prefers to save their time by online services:


  • Custom Cake by Liud in Georgia:

Standing ahead in providing wedding custom cakes. If you are in the state of Georgia, then you have the best custom cakes bakers near you. So, just walk through the address 10518 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076.


  • Johnson’s Custom Cake in Florida:

If moving state by state to score custom cakes near me, then how we forget to find on Florida. Are you planning to visit them soon after viewing their website for your next custom cakes, here is the address;

9148 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33411.


  • Nellie Custom Cakes in Missouri:

Another Bakers succeed in serving happy customers by providing custom cakes as situated in 2 NE 69th Hwy, Kansas City, MO 64119. Place your order for custom birthday cake, custom wedding cake, custom party cakes, etc. after visiting their website and having a view of the quality they offer.


  • Christmas Gingerbread House Custom Bakery USA:

They are providing their services online. So, you don’t need to go anywhere else to place the order rather than visiting the website and placing others. Moreover, when you visit the website you will be able to find a sample of their creativity as well.

  • City Cakes in New York:

New York City, never lacks behind in providing its citizens with the best services of every latest aspect in the market. Same as others they offer custom and basic cakes for all occasions but they are different in a way that they offer ‘Custom Cake Design Classes’. Visit the best bakeshop in New York at Lower Level, 251 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011.


This is just some major ones that hold good reviews by their consumer. And gives proof of how well-customized bakers are they. Although, now custom cakes have become very common and the bakers for custom cakes are available in all the cities and states of the USA.

Unbelievable Records of Biggest Custom Cakes in the World:

For we the natives of the USA, the custom cake is no big deal. As we all know that we get to enjoy every new technology prior to any other nation. However, the concept of cakes was drawn from ancient Europe. Here, we gathered all the amazing records of the biggest custom cakes in the world.

Largest Wedding Cake:


In 2004, Mohegan Sun Casino from Connecticut state USA, make the largest wedding cake that received the Guinness World Record. Can you imagine how this cake weighed? It weighed a whopping 6.18 tonnes displaying piece for the bridal fayre.

Largest Cake Sculpture:


Another achievement was made in Guinness World Record by making the largest cake sculpture. It is presented in London’s Westfield Shopping Center for Charity in November 2014. There were 12,000 portions collectively measured for 12.17m x 9.80m x 41cm. It is an incredibly massive size that there will be hardly anyone to have a slice of this giant cake.

World’s Largest Sponge Cake:


The largest sponge cake was created by the baker named Steven Oxford who made a just for 5ft (1.5m) wider and 8.5 inches in height. It was made with 3,000 eggs and 500kg of fruits.

Longest Fruit Cake in the world:

The longest fruit cake was made in Turkey, which was 633.30m long. However, being the most unique piece of the world, it was delicious too. As it included icing and candied fruits to finish.


So, this was so much about the custom cakes from all the aspects. We start from getting to the history of cakes, then to the decoration of custom cakes, an occasion for custom cakes, then scored for custom cakes near me and then ended with a record of biggest custom cakes in the world. All these amazing words about custom cakes definitely watered your mouths as well. If you are hungry to grab one or two bites from the slice of these massive and special creations?

We are not sure whether you would be able to crumb a single bite of these sweetly unique custom cakes or not. These special masterpieces are the desire of every next person as they are fancy, attractive, and taste also. If you are hungry share this piece of text about the custom cake with your friends build curiosity in them and plan an occasion for custom cake ahead!

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