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American Sign Language: How to Learn ASL




ASL or American Sign Language is an organic language with the same linguistic qualities as spoken languages, but the grammar differs. ASL is used as the main mode of communication by many deaf North Americans, and the language is expressed with movements and gestures of the hand and face.

There are also many hearing people who use the American Sign Language because of some association to the deaf community i.e., deaf kids, spouse, or friends. Therefore, many people wish to know how to learn American Sign Language. Before we get into it, let us learn a little background of the AS Language.

There is no exact understanding of when the ASL came into being, but it is suggested by many that ASL was created through a mix of Native American and French Sign Language about 200 years ago. So the sign language we have today contains elements from both the French and local signs. Interestingly though, there is still a great difference between the two languages as the speakers can’t understand each other.

Learning American Sign Language can become crucial if you want to interact with a person with a disability on a daily basis. If your child was born with this inherent condition or if your significant other has it, you must know how to communicate with them.

Let’s talk about the kids first. Research has proven that teaching sign language to a child with hearing disability from as early in their childhood can be highly effective. The child will pick up the ASL as quickly as the speaking kids learn the spoken words.

Therefore, sign up for an ASL course that you and your kid can take part in together. It is equally important for you to know the language as it is for the baby. Additionally, learning together will also strengthen your bond, so it is a beautiful opportunity.

For those who have found their perfect match in life but don’t know the sign language to communicate with them, YouTube has got you covered. If you wish to go the extra mile, you can join official American Sign Language classes with American living style.

Inquire the local educational institutes in your area; there are many that offer courses on how to learn American Sign Language. If not, I have mentioned that there are tons of YouTube videos that will help you with the learning.

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