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How To Lose Weight – New Tactics 2021




Fitness enthusiasm has seen a new height in the past few years as the era of processed foods and sedentary lifestyles grow at an unimaginable pace. There are many people out there who are trying to evade unhealthy lifestyles and become more careful about their eating habits as well as exercise. According to the Harvard School of Public Health states that nearly 40% of Americans age 20 and above are obese and 71% are overweight. Many people are fighting with obesity while others just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are also one of such people, worry not! We have gathered a list of the latest techniques on how to lose weight new tactics for 2021 right here on The News Engine.

Having a set bedtime is the first thing you need to do. We know it is not exactly a NEW tactic but understanding the importance of the sleep cycle is the most important thing. People often overlook the power of  agood night sleep. Your body needs an off switch like a machine. Studies have shown that a healthy dose of sleep is linked to reduced stress and fewer cravings. It helps you take control of your appetite and it is also the time when your body stimulates muscle repair and growth. Our recommended time for sleep is 7-hours a day.

  • Understand the “why” part

If you wish to lose weight, understand the underlying need for this wish. Why are you doing this? What makes you unhappy with your current body state? Is it health problems? Do you want to have that beach body that aesthetically pleasing? Defining your goal will help make you more determined to achieve it.

  • Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is linked to stress relief. Yes, even a simple act like breathing right can make you shed those extra pounds. When we have stressed our body releases hormones that store fat. Spend at least 10 minutes daily to sit down and focus on your breathing. Take long and deep breaths without any negative thoughts. You will not only control fat-storing hormones but also feel great. This is one of the reasons yoga has gotten so much popularity recently.

  • Know your eating limits

Be mindful of what is going inside your body and how much quantity is it. Don’t try and finish off everything on the plate. Try to eat only when you are hungry. Pay complete attention to your plate when eating. Don’t eat fast as eating slowly allows you to enjoy the flavor more and it satiates you early. Why? Because of the diminishing marginal returns. Now it is the same meal but the longer you take to eat the fuller you will start feeling on your last bites.

  • Get a Fitness tracker

If you want to manage your weight, awareness is the key! A fitness tracker is such a great gadget to know how active you are in a day. It is really helpful in understanding if you are burning enough calories. According to the author of “Belly Fat Diet for Dummies”, you could be going to the gym every day and still not burning as many calories as you should if you are sedentary for the rest of the day.

  • Adopt a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Don’t choose a certain healthy meal plan for a small amount of time as you look at the short-term end-goal. It means that you are ‘sticking’ to a diet that you will leave behind once you are at your desired weight. This makes the ‘sticking’ part hard first of all, then it also makes all your efforts fruitless as you eventually regain those pounds when you shift back to a normal diet.

  • Bodyweight Exercises

According to Alfonso Moretti, founder of MERGE, bodyweight exercises is highly effective for weight loss and balancing of body weight. As you engage your body parts, more muscles are engaged because the body has no machine support. This helps you improve your strength and endurance. Consequently, you also burn extra calories. The best thing about bodyweight exercise is that you are not bound by gym availability.

  • Start Logging your food

Start a journal where you record your eating habits every day. You will be surprised by how much we don’t notice when we eat those two burritos or take another bite from the delicious cake. This log will help you see where you are falling short and what you should be eating to achieve your desired body.

Furthermore – Behavioral Tactics for Weight Loss

Behavioral tactics for weight loss are a new set of strategies that involve the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This theory’s main focus is to actively control how you see yourself, how you behave, and the circumstances of your actions. It also incorporates how you react to the situations that surround you. According to the American Heart Association Statistics Committee, CBT is an effective method for weight loss. It doesn’t require a lot of extra struggle, especially compared to any other of the previously mentioned methods. But it will be challenging for you if you haven’t tried taking charge of your body before.

If done right, using these behavioral tactics can be a life-changing experience for not only your body transformation but for your mental health as well.

  1. Goal Setting:

Set a weight loss goal that is specific, less-ambitious, and can be easy to obtain regular feedback. For example, if you love desserts and your goal is to avoid sugar, start eating fruits instead of cakes. Coming up with a goal is not hard but keeping track of your habits to achieve that goal is the hard part.

  1. Self-monitoring:

Keeping a track is where the self-monitoring part kicks in. Training your brain to know of the goods that will help you achieve your goal and the bad that can ruin it is absolutely paramount. It might seem like an easy task, but it is really where your inner strength shines out.

  1. Staying strong upon feedback:

Once you learn how to keep track of your activities, set a date, whether it be weekly or monthly. Report your progress at the end of your streak. Even more important is keeping a straight head if you get disappointed by your results. Reflect on your failure, and don’t lose hope. Losing is progress in itself. So don’t let it hold you back.

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  1. Incentivize yourself:

This behavioral tactic weight loss is simply to maintain your motivation. Rewarding struggle has been studied frequently, and it yields promising results. It is now even being implemented at the organisational level. Employees receive discounted access to onsite exercise facilities and fitness gift cards. So, set incentives for your goal completion. If you want to make it sustaining, you must make it interesting.

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