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How to Make Perfect Espresso Shorts Manually Without Coffee Maker




How to Make Espresso Shorts Manually

To Prepare Espresso At Home

Although it must be said that the traditional way of preparing this type of coffee is by means of a machine exerting great pressure in which the water rises and strains through the ground coffee that you have chosen to Make Perfect Espresso Shorts Manually.

It is difficult that with any machine in your home you have the appropriate mechanism to reach such pressure.

Yes, a model can be found but they are very expensive and not practical.

“I don’t want to spend so much money on such expensive Coffee Machine”

Well, if what you want is not to invest a lot of money to prepare your delicious espresso coffee as close to what a dual coffee maker can make, we will show you some of the most used forms.



Also known as PLUNGER, it was invented by an Italian man named Atillio Callimani in 1929.

It has been quite popular for its simplicity in its preparation, good taste, and aroma that is achieved in the extraction of coffee with this method.

It is not as comfortable or fast as other types to make Perfect Espresso Shorts Manually that we already know … (those that work with electricity …).

It is a very simple device, it has basically 3 fundamental parts.

  1. Container: it can be made of glass (it breaks easily), plastic (as you already know it is a material that deteriorates easily over time), and steel (durable and does not break, the downside is that you do not see the inside)
  2. Plunger: presser to be used to force the coffee bean down inside the container.

Note: French press or piston coffee makers made of metal do not degrade as easily and are more durable while retaining heat much better.

What do you need to make your espresso?

  1. Hot water
  2. Ground coffee

Just that?

Apart from the French coffee maker, you will need a coffee grinder, of course, to be able to grind the beans.

The grind does not have to be very fine, but on the contrary, it has to be rather coarse. (It is important to note that if you use coffee already ground, its taste and aroma will be different)

7 Steps to Make Espresso Shorts Manually with a Plunger Coffee Maker.

1. He passed

You will need 4 tablespoons of ground coffee to make 2 cups.

2. He passed

Heat the water, when grass put out the fire.

3. He passed

During those 20-30 seconds that we let the water rest on the fire ( it is not necessary to add the boiling water ), we add the ground coffee to the coffee maker (to the container).

Four. He passed

Add a little water to slightly cover the ground coffee to release the rich aroma.

5. He passed

Pour the rest of the hot water, stir gently with a wooden spoon preferably and let it rest for 3 to 6 minutes. In this period of time, we will let it release all its essence.

Depending on the time you let your coffee rest, you will get the perfect cup for you, to your liking. Once you try it the first time, in the next preparation you can “play” with the rest time and thus get another type of flavor for your palate.

Note: It is important not to leave it too long because it will turn sour.

6. He passed

We press and lower the piston slowly ( gently ), maintaining the same pressure.

7. He passed

To serve and enjoy !!! (You can leave some coffee inside because it usually leaves a little trace

2. Mode- Make coffee at home with an AeroPress

coffey 2

This “gadget” called AeroPress was invented in 2005 by the American Alan Alder.

What he wanted to achieve is an extraction of the coffee with a lower temperature than other types of methods.

The AeroPress is a coffee maker that can be used almost anywhere.

Let’s not think that it is a coffee maker to invite 10 friends home one afternoon to have a coffee tasting just emphasize that you prepare only 1 cup of coffee at a time.

With this method, you can use whatever temperature you want. It is like a “large syringe” that allows the coffee to pass through a paper filter.

In this way, we achieve excellent coffee in a fast, simple, and clean way.

What do I need to make a coffee with AeroPress?

  1. An AeroPress coffee maker (of course)
  2. Special paper filters for AeroPress
  3. Roasted coffee beans: approximately 20 grams (2 tablespoons)
  4. Manual or automatic grinding wheel grinder ( here we show you some very interesting models)
  5. A heat source to heat the water.

Steps to use an AeroPress

1. He passed

Grind the coffee beans: Of course with the coffee grinder. They should be ground until they are very similar to table salt.

2. He passed

Heat water: AeroPress coffees are often brewed at a temperature between 80-90 degrees Celsius.

3. He passed

Place the paper filter: It must be moistened with water to eliminate its (paper) flavor and thus achieve the maximum coffee aroma.

Four. He passed

Add the ground coffee and smooth everything. You can press a little with the plunger “but little”.

5. He passed

Now you can add hot water up to the mark that is marked on your AeroPress.


6. He passed

Press slowly, go up again and press again, do it between 25 and 40 seconds.

Note: You don’t need to press all the way, the coffee flavor may change if you press more or less. The bitterness of this will vary.

It is already something that will depend on the tastes of each person.

Nothing else is poured into your cup and enjoy !!!

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