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How to sell photos on Shutterstock: Tips to become a billionaire from Shutterstock.




Do you want to earn more by selling your photography masterpieces as stock photos? So, want to find the best place to sell photos online? Well, if you score the internet you’ll find many online magazines, blogs, catalogs, and other sites that are ready to pay you if they like your art. Shutterstock leads the way in this regards providing the best opportunities. To find out how to sell photos on Shutterstock.

What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is the most popular photo website with an experience of more than 15 years and over 500 million downloads overall. Whereas, it has paid more than $1 billion to contributors from all over the world. Today there are more than 200 million images and other media content like videos, music vectors, and illustrations available on Shutterstock. Sticking around is a key on Shutterstock i.e. the more photos you sell on it the more you earn. Shutterstock also offers a referral system, but you can only earn up to 4 cents each time your referees sell a photo. Therefore, until and unless you have an incredibly extensive network of photographers interested in selling photos online on Shutterstock, it’s not worthwhile.

Another Shutterstock’s referral program that can get you a good amount is if you refer a customer to make a purchase. This can get you up to 20% of the total amount that can either go up to $200. Shutterstock offers you ownership of the images to protect them by using your watermarks on the images. When you are a contributor on Shutterstock, you get paid on monthly basis and 20-30% for each image downloads. It’s essential to grab all the advantages and disadvantages of Shutterstock before using it from any way either the contributor or customer.

Pros and Cons of Shutterstock:


  • Shutterstock provides you the easiest and reliable interface for users to manage their photos. The Shutterstock dashboard contains all sorts of information. Going through all this information, you can easily make conclusions about what photographs should be uploaded.
  • Shutterstock is the largest international online market, more competition ensures more sales.
  • You get reviews by the Shutterstock staff timely on your photos. Generally, it takes about a few days to get reviewed.


  1. Shutterstock market is famous for being very low cost and doesn’t count any substantial profits. It’s pretty unfair to have over 100 downloads and get only $34 for it.

How to sell photos on Shutterstock: Become a Shutterstock Contributor:

Shutterstock Signup Process:

For getting sign-up as a Shutterstock Contributor, you need to create your account on its Contributor platform. You can have a free customer account on Shutterstock’s main site. However, you can only submit your photos and other media content through the Contributor platform.

1. Go to Shutterstock website:

Open the official website of Shutterstock to get started with the sign-up process, then click on Sell Content in the top left of the menu. This action will take you to the page where you can get a brief view of Shutterstock’s online photo selling platform. You can click on any button to start the application process.

2. Fill the Contributor Application:

Now to proceed with the signing up process you need to provide some information to Shutterstock. Here you need to enter your name, username, and your email address. When you’re registering as a business, make sure you enter your business name.

3. Email Verification:

Once you finish entering all the details you can submit your application. Then the Shutterstock will send you a verification email at your mentioned email address. Read that email carefully and follow all the instructions in the email to verify it successfully.

4. Add your Address Details:

After getting your email verified, you’re required to enter your residential and mailing address. Take note of the fact if you’re not from the USA or any English country, then you have to fill out the form in English. You are not permitted to use any special character while writing your address.

5. Upload your Photos on Shutterstock:

Here you go, now you’re officially a Shutterstock contributor and you can begin with uploading your photos on the online platform. Once you sign up successfully, you’ll be taken to the Shutterstock Contributor Dashboard. On this dashboard, you can see your earnings and where your images are being downloaded. If you’re not able to track anything or not getting the point of how to use the dashboard, then you can take the help of resource that will help you get the most out of it.

Tips to Sell Photos on Shutterstock and earn more:

  • Make use of the right keywords: Your images will sell more on Shutterstock only if they are easily found by the buyer. So, never upload any photo and leave it alone without any generic title, as nobody will be able to find you. However, you don’t need to stuff your photos with lots of irrelevant keywords. If you do this kind of activity, the admin will automatically delete your photo, as well as your account, which might fall into bad standing. Therefore, make use of the right keywords and try to avoid uploading images one by one as this isn’t encouraged.
  • If you successfully add images and tag them with the right keywords, you’ll see a prominent increase in downloads of your Shutterstock photos.


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