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How to Stop Glasses Fogging Up from Mask in the Cheapest Way




How to Stop Glasses Fogging Up

Many glasses wearers are facing a huge problem this year; foggy glasses due to wearing a mask. I am a glasses wearer myself and I can confirm how intensely annoying it is to clean the fog. It is even more disturbing when your hands are occupied doing other things. Dealing with this problem while driving is the most painful of all. Therefore, many people have come up with a variety of solutions ranging from simply wiping the fog off from your glasses to folding the top of your mask, or using an anti-fog spray to coat the lenses.

But I recently saw a tweet by Dr. Daniel M. Heiferman in which he demonstrated the new method. So, how to stop glasses fogging up from mask in the cheapest way? By using a band-aid. Yes, just put a band-aid at the top part of the mask sticking it to the center of your nose. It will prevent your glasses from fogging up, not only that, but it also seals the gaps between the mask and the sides of your nose. So, it has three benefits, doesn’t let your glasses fog, doesn’t let the mask slide off from your nose and closes the gaps where necessary.

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I tried this and it does work flawlessly. The only downside was that it can make it easier for the glasses to slide off from your nose. You just have to be careful with that aspect and the rest is all better than other methods. Now I also observed that using a band-aid with more texture is more effective than others. Make sure to check different ones when you try the method and see what adhesive and texture works the best with your skin and mask.

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