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How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch?




If you love games, probably it’s more fun for you to enjoy live video Stream Mobile Games on Twitch. You can easily stream video games through PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, and gamers can watch what you are playing. However, what about games that you play on your smartphone like Android or the iPhone? How to stream their videos on Twitch. If that’s what you are wondering, this article is for you, I will tell you how to stream from your phone to Twitch. Two Separate guides are available for android and iOS Users.

How to Stream Mobile Games on Twitch?

If you an android user and want to stream your favorite mobile games on the Twitch channel. All you need to do is install Twitch, your favorite application to interact with your followers, and a broadcasting application like MobCrush or Streamlabs.

How to Use Stream Labs for Android Games on Twitch

  1. Turn on your Streamlabs application and make an account.
  2. Log in to Twitch and launch this application.
  3. In the upper right corner, tap on the stream icon.
  4. A new dialog box will open. You will be notified that whatever is on your screen will be recorded.
  5. Click on Start stream. Once streaming is active, this application will start capturing the device’s screen.
  6. Tap on the hamburger icon and choose the edit option to define a name for your stream and tell your audience what you are doing during the stream. Once editing is done, click OK.
  7. Go to a mobile game that you want to stream from your android phone to twitch. Start playing, and that’s it.

Twitch iOS Mobile Games Streaming

In case you want to stream an iPhone game to Twitch, here are some steps you would need to follow.

  • First of all, you would enable screen recording on your iOS device from Control Cent

Go to Application settings and head to the Control center within an application.  Turn on “Access within the application.”In case the screen recording option is not an option on your application’s control center, you can include one. For this purpose, tap customize controls, click on the green plus sign next to Under the More Controls header. This way, the screen recording option will become a part of the control center.


  • Go to the iOS App Store, install and run mobcrush, and sign in either with Facebook, Google, or an email id.
  • On the Mobcrush screen, you can see many users who are streaming their favorite games. Click on the hamburger icon on the top left corner of the screen and choose Broadcast.
  • You need to select a service to stream to; from here, you can choose Twitch, while other options are Facebook and Youtube. You need to link your Twitch account for fast streaming. Click on the plus sign on the Twitch icon- ensure that you are login to Twitch for a quick connection.
  • Select game under the game header; if your game isn’t available in the category, choose others. Viewers must know what they are streaming. The problem with Twitch mobile apps is that a user can’t interact with the stream, and it’s a problem. Thankfully, you have mob crush through which you can handle streams even without the Twitch app.
  • Set a title of your Broadcast that will appear for your Mobcrush viewers, though it won’t be applied on your Twitch account.
  • If you are OK with the broadcast setting, tap on the option ‘Save broadcast settings”. A pop-up arrow will come and guide you to open up the control center. Swipe down, and the control center will be opened.
  • Run a game you want to broadcast. Make sure that your iPhone isn’t on silent mode if you want to add your audio to the Broadcast.
  • Start streaming. Now you need to swipe up from the bottom so that you can have access to the control Center. Long press recording icon so you can have some options to choose Mobcrush from the list. At that time, your microphone audio must be on so the audience can hear you easily.
  • Start Broadcast, your gameplay would be live streaming on Twitch.

Wrap Up with Stream Mobile Games on Twitch

Finally, you know how to stream from iPhone to twitch. Follow simple steps and share your master game experience with the gamers. It’s fun broadcasting your Twitch videos to like-minded people.

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