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How to Survive the World of Raised by Wolves HBO




The Season

The tone and the setting of this show make it look like a mix between Westworld, Blade Runner and Oblivion. Add Game of Thrones like socio-political medieval crisis on top of that and you have Raised by Wolves HBO. There is something demonically engulfing about the science fiction genre that always grabs my interest. I almost wet my paints when I first watched the Chestbuster scene from Alien. I massively enjoyed movies like Blade Runner, Terminator, Westworld, Back to the Future and Star Wars in the 1970s and 1980s.

It was mostly due to exploding level of creativity put into these original ideas and the use of practical effects that created memorable scenes. Sadly, we rarely see efforts like that today in an industry of disappointing sequels, uninspiring remakes and CGI loaded scenes. So when films and television series like The Arrival and Westworld television series come along, they restore my faith in innovative science fiction media.

Recently, one such show aired on HBO Max, it is called Raised by Wolves, yes, finally a good show that is not Raised by Wolves Netflix. Raised by Wolves HBO is a science fiction show directed by Ridley Scott that is a story of an Android tasked to provide maternal care to few of the last surviving humans in a dystopian land.

This is not a Raised by Wolves review; this is an appreciation of original science fiction ideas. It is equal parts stunning as it is gripping in every scene. The season started airing on September 3rd with uniquely weird episodes. By the time you read this article, all the episodes will be available on HBO Max so you can go and stream today.

The show starts slow, but it still has a much better pace than Westworld in its first season. You get hooked from to the mysteries of the show from the end of the very first episode. Don’t worry; I will not spoil any major plot points for you in this article. The best part of this season is its originality despite the cliché plot points that make it look like a hybrid of modern pop-culture icons like Game of Thrones and Westworld. It takes those ideas and creates something totally new that works perfectly in the show’s favor. Ridley Scott has taken the helm for this show so we certainly can’t expect any less from the man. His experience in sci-fi genre is clear as day and the dude is making jaw-dropping series in his 80s, props to him.

Ridley Scott’s work always stands out because he knows what he is doing, he draws storyboards as the script is being discussed, and thus inventing every detail we see on screen. He also has this uncanny ability to shoot things practically so when there are explosions and crashes in a Ridley Scott directed movie or season, the effects are likely practical. The story of this show is just as interesting as the making process. It makes you think about parenthood, religion, technology and political systems all at once and it juggles these subjects really well.


The Mother aka the Necromancer android is the central character of Raised by Wolves HBO. Amanda Collin as Mother provides a charged performance bringing out the much required terror and gentleness in her character to the table. She is the most human-like android I have ever seen on screen as you get to see the dark monster in her as well as the vulnerable human with feelings and drives. The shades & layers to her character are what make her instantly mysterious and her reactions unpredictable. It will definitely be the defining role of Amanda Collin’s career. Her arguments with father (the supporting android) are reminiscent of how actual human parents fight. The interactions between them would often reflect on the designated roles of the parents and how fulfillment or lack of fulfillment of these duties affects their credibility as a good parent.

The World

The world of Raised by Wolves HBO is a dystopian universe set 130 years in future. The technology has expanded to such great lengths that the use of Androids has become mainstream and travelling between different galaxies in small capsules to gigantic spaceships is easily possible. The Earth has been torn apart by war between religious and non-religious groups. Only the few remaining survivors are out there in space, looking for a new place to call home. It is a new beginning, and new beginnings are the threshold of science fiction as stated by Ridley Scott himself in a behind the scenes interview for this show.

The two androids that are programmed to escape the final days of Earth to create the new world discover that Kepler 22B is a suitable contender. It is a largely barren land with moderate to extreme climate. Days are mostly sunny with bearable heat but nights can get extremely cold if you don’t find a good shelter. Flora on the planet is also largely absent as far as the eye can look. Most trees are dry with inedible fruits. Some form of mushrooms is good to eat but it is hard to get to them as they grow on the walls of some very deep pits.

There are some creatures on Kepler 22B too. They are dangerous carnivores and you have to be very smart when hunting them for food. Albeit risky, they are good source of meat protein.

How to Survive the World of Raised by Wolves HBO

Seeing how the world of Kepler 22B is such a hostile environment for these fictional characters, I asked myself how a normal human being can survive in a world like that. I gave it a thought and I have some suggestions. Mind you, I will omit the presence of androids fully emotional or capable of replicating human emotions from this thought experiment. It is much less likely than having advanced spaceship technology so I will consider androids when I take about survival in the world of Raised by Wolves HBO.

Let’s talk about food first; the dry lands of this planet make it nearly impossible to farm plants that can produce edible fruits and vegetables. Therefore, you will have to explore the few choices you have like fruit from the dry tree and the mushrooms growing in the pit. Since you don’t have the advanced nutrients testing android, you will have to rely on your own testing method. The best way to test would be to try both foods in small quantities, risky still I know, but the less you take in, the easier it will be to puke them out in case of worst outcomes.

Life of Kepler 22B is non-existent for the most part. Only when animal species besides human is spotted and they are vicious. They look like hounds with Cheetah like agility and big claws. Due to their aggressive attacking behavior, it is ill advised to hunt them when they are in a pack. Isolate them and set traps that will ensure maximum distance between the creature and you but also complete the job. Although, meat composition as not as good on these creatures as earth animals, it is still the only possible meat protein source for humans.

Now about the weather, nights are very cold on this planet. Luckily days are relatively decent for locomotion. So, as a human, you should stick to a spot for a year with a good shelter and record the weather all year. Once you have a good idea of days with the least cold nights, plan to head out and explore other locations in this time. Make sure you have a good portable shelter to keep you warm at nights. Try different location until you find one with the least amount of cold nights throughout the year and settle there. Of course, you will also have to ensure the surrounding area has good food sources.

Second Season

Raised by Wolves HBO has impressed many people in its first season and its fan base is already growing fast. A second season was inevitable given the extent of possibilities in its universe. It was the top performer show on HBO Max in September and it got green-lit for another season in the same month. Yes, there will be a Season two for Raised by Wolves HBO and we can’t wait to see what happens next. Although, don’t expect it to drop anytime soon given the ongoing situation with the pandemic.


The world of Raised by Wolves HBO is a dark universe and life on Kepler 22B would be very difficult for humans to re-emerge even with the tactics employed in my how to guide. But given the fictional elements, this series is on a very strong start. I can’t wait for you all to get to Raised by Wolves Episode 10. You can also view Raised by Wolves trailer below.

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